Hummingbirds at The Cottage: Hummingbird Homemade Nectar (Bird Approved)

** Welcome to The Cottages, small magical world of new visitors, Hummingbirds. They are quite beautiful with their iridescent feathers and their over joyful spirit. These tiny wonders have claimed their home on my balcony.

I must say they have a way of brightening up even the gloomiest of days. Sometimes we all need that.

Today’s blog post we’re not only sharing a delectable homemade Hummingbird Nectar recipe that will make their heart flutter, but also delving into the delightful variety of hummingbird feeders that are sure to bring your garden, patio, or even a small balcony, like mine to life. So grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let’s embark on this enchanting adventure together!  P.S. You don’t have to be a birdwatcher to appreciate hummingbirds.

How Long Is The Season for Hummingbirds?

Here I have broken it down by Geographic Time Zones:

West Coast/Southern Regions:

Mid-February to early November.

Chilling in the Middle Latitudes:

From early-to-mid April through late October.

Way Way Up North:

Hummingbirds welcome mats roll out from early May to late September.

Here’s a tidbit to tuck away: if you’re living where hummingbirds flutter all year, you can leave your feeders out without a care in the world. It’s like having an all-access pass to their delightful company, no need to take it down.

Why Hummingbirds?

Well, I have always seemed to have hummingbirds either in my garage, flying around or on my patio flying by my head. I have always been fascinated by them.
But the most amazing was when I first visited my best friend, Judi, in Iowa.

Her deck was a hummingbird oasis. I had never seen so many all in one place. She takes good care of them. Hence, that is how I got the recipe that really works for hummingbird nectar.

For My Birthday last year, my Son Jason sent me the “most beautiful hummingbird feeder,  I couldn’t wait to put it up at my New Home. I can tell you those Hummingbirds are in Nectar Heaven…..

Hummingbirds Iowa
Hummingbirds 320

Iowa Hummingbirds

PA Hummingbird

Recipe for Hummingbird Nectar

Homemade Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

Recipe Provided By: Judi Stephens Glenwood, IA

Hummingbird Nectar Homemade

Simple to Make….Homemade Hummingbird Nectar Recipes. I believe in Keeping Your Recipe Simple.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes


  • 1 Clear Bottle with cap This will be used for Leftover Nectar



Hummingbird Nectar Food

1 cup Refined White Sugar 

3 cups of water

(1 cup sugar to 3 cups of water)


Boil: 1 cup of water to dissolve the sugar

Add: 2 cups Cups of Cold Water

Directions for making safe hummingbird food:

  1. Mix 1 part sugar with 3 parts water (for example, 1 cup of sugar with 3 cups of water) make sure the sugar is dissolved.

  2. Fill your hummingbird feeder (s) with the sugar water and place outside

  3. Extra sugar water can be stored in a refrigerator

  4. Change feeders every 3rd day and CLEAN thoroughly.


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Illustration: The Spruce/Mary McLain

Most Asked Questions

When I put up my 1st Hummingbird Feeder to todays addition I seem to get asked the same questions so I figured you have them as well.    

What Kind of Sugar Should I Use?

Always use refined white sugar (regular table sugar). Never use honey, corn syrup or raw, unprocessed sugars.

Powdered sugar (also called confectioners’ sugar) often contains additional ingredients, such as cornstarch. Therefore, it is not recommended for use in creating hummingbird food.

Do I Need To Boil The Water?

No, the water for your nectar does not need to be boiled. Just be sure to stir or shake your mixture until the sugar is fully dissolved in the water.

Note: I do, that is why it is in the recipe it makes it go quicker, and no chance of anything happening to the hummingbird.

What do I Do with Leftover Nectar?

You can put in your Refrigerator in a tightly sealed container.

How Long Will The Nectar Keep In Fridge?

Extra sugar water for your hummingbird feeder that you are  storing in the fridge should be stored for no more than one week.


Look at your Nectar that is being stored in Fridge for any mold growing on your sugar water stored in the fridge, throw it away and make a new batch for your hummingbird feeder.

Hummingbird nectar only lasts a few days before it needs changed. Change your nectar every 3-4 days to prevent fermentation.

When the sugar starts to ferment it can get the hummingbirds ‘drunk’ causing them to fly into windows or other things causing injury or death.  

A Little Satire

When I was writing this post a song kept coming into my head, now this is gonna date me but my Age Is What It Is, I am thankful for each day that I am alive. So now onto this song, title of the song was. “I’m A Girl Watcher” by the O’Kasions (1968). But I was changing the words to be “I’m  A Bird Watcher”. So I went over to YouTube and put in, I am a bird watcher, never thinking anything would come up as far as a song. I was wrong, I found a song called, “I’m  A Bird Watcher” with unbelievably the music to I Am A Girl Watcher. Great minds think alike, LOL. Crazy right?
This Song was written and performed for the American Birding Expo in Philadelphia, September 2018. JR Ripley (aka Glenn Eric Meganck) with Bill Thompson III of Bird Watcher’s Digest performed together. Well, after listening to the recording, I still could not find the lyrics. So I posted a comment on that recording, expecting the other people who had commented to reply back. What a surprise, it was JR himself who put the lyrics in a comment and explain that it was a satire. I was blown away. Thank you very much to JR Ripley.❤️ 

A little about JR Ripley: 

Glen Eric Meganck is a Novelist-musician (aka J.R. Ripley, Nick Lucas, Marie Celine and others) is a critically acclaimed author. A member of the Mystery Writers of America. He can be found at Website.

You Will also find some of his Novels over at The Bookshelf Book Club.  

Again, I would like to reach out and Humbly Thank JR for providing this, and for me being introduced to someone new nonetheless a Seasoned Author. 

Tips for Choosing Your Hummingbird Feeder

When on the hunt for the perfect hummingbird feeder, opt for those adorned with vibrant splashes of red. It’s worth noting that these feeders require a weekly, if not more frequent, cleaning regimen, especially in the sizzling summer months. This is where feeders with a spacious opening steal the show – they make the task a breeze. Personally, I lean towards the elegance of glass jars paired with sturdy metal bases. The beauty here is the convenience: a quick toss into the dishwasher sanitizes  them, ready to be re-filled with your lovingly crafted homemade hummingbird nectar.

Here Are The Top Reader’s Choices - Hummingbird Feeders


-**Create Joyful Haven**: Homemade hummingbird nectar is like crafting happiness for these charming visitors. ❤️

– **Easy Nectar Mix**: Blend 1 part sugar with 3 parts water – think of it as a magical potion for your fluttering friends.

– **Feeder Choice**: Choose a feeder style you love – classic bottle, saucer, tube, or window wonder. Just ensure it’s easy to clean and provides a cozy perch.

– **Sweet Simplicity**: Keep it simple with pure white sugar – no need for red dye or fancy sweeteners.

– **Hang and Watch**: Hang your feeder, and prepare for the mesmerizing dance of wings. Your garden is about to be a hummingbird hotspot!

– **Harmonious Space**: Witness the harmony of nature and sweetness in your garden, creating a joyful oasis.

Your guide to crafting a haven for magical moments is set. From mixing nectar to choosing feeders, you’re all set to embrace the joy of hummingbirds. Enjoy the melodies of happiness in your own backyard! 🌸🐦❤️

As you hang your feeder and begin watch the dance of wings unfold….and believe me you will constantly be watching.  Try to get some photos (be warned they have very keen hearing…, so be very, very quiet).  Be sure to take a moment to soak in the joy you’re bringing to these beautiful creatures.   WATCH OUT… Your space is about to become a hummingbird hotspot, where nature and sweetness come together in perfect harmony.  you now have – your recipe for creating a joyful haven for these magical creatures. From mixing nectar to choosing feeders, you’re all set for this wonderful journey. Let your outdoor space echo with the melodies of hummingbird happiness! 🌸🐦❤️  

As always,  Thank You again for being a part of The City Cottage family. I love when we can visit together……🍂🎃🍁

“Happy Bird Watching”

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Please forward this email with a friend to share the love.



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