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I'm Patty

I’m so happy to be able to share my Home and Blog with you and hopefully encourage you with some easy ways to Decorate your Home on a Budget.

From an early age I had always been a person who loves change. Changing rooms and organizing, it’s just a given. Maybe the fact of my time in the Military, contributed also to my Organization fixation. LOL. I almost forgot to mention, the best part of my life!…I am a Mom to Jason and I am a Great – Grandma to..Amelia Rose and Grammy to Kacie, Thomas, Jameson, Bernadette and Dorothy. As well as a “Great-Aunt” to Ava Lynn. I love them all so much.❤️


I love everything about our Homes from Designing and Decorating every room and creating a Warm and Beautiful Home to live in but I especially LOVE sharing my knowledge with others and also Learning from my Readers. 

Side Note: My Favorite Saying is..”You’ve Got This”.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect to find INSPIRATION and SOLUTIONS related to:

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  • Home Styling
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  • Home Improvement Projects  

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