Easy Home Organizing Tips

Hello Friend, are you wanting to start Organizing your Home for 2023 but don’t know where to begin? You are in the right place you are about to get some of my Quick and Easy Ways to Accomplish Organizing your Home and Easy Steps to get you Started. Another New Year, ... Read the Post

Top 10 “Readers’ Choice” Posts in 2022

This past year was quite the year. It was chock full of the Good, the Bad and certainly the Ugly. There was a lot of learning and experiences that I shared along the journey of Life on Sylvan Lane at The City Cottage. Now let’s go down “Memory Lane”. French Cottage Bedroom Envy What do you think ... Read the Post

Best Decor and Lighting Tips

Tired of sitting in the dark? Well I am here to “Shed some Light” on that very problem. Here are some quick tips on Room Decor and Lighting. I can’t get enough lighting. I don’t know what it is but I can’t get enough light in a room…it just make me feel  much happier and content. Even in the ... Read the Post

Are Your Kid’s Smart with Money?

Are our kids smart with money? Probably not! I know I wasn’t without a Very, Very Smart Man’s Help… I remember a long, long time ago in a land where I was a very small child and in our Small Town School we were exposed to having a Passbook Savings  Account. [Say What???]. That was back in the ... Read the Post

Chalk Painting Furniture Tips

Do you have a piece of furniture or an item that has seen better days but you just can’t part with it. Sometimes a coat of paint versus purchasing something new is our only alternative. You don’t want to part with a piece of furniture, but it is sitting better days. I hear you, my friend I’m ... Read the Post

How to update without it costing you a lot of money. Not only will you learn how to chalk paint furniture but you will have fun doing it come on and join us.

Best “Happy Hour”- Spa Treatments @Home

The Stress Level this week was Off “The Charts”.. you too???… Are you  looking for the BEST AT HOME SPA TREATMENTS? Sit back relax you’ve come to the right place…..I gotcha covered! Is it one of those weeks that between family and work responsibilities, you think you ... Read the Post

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