French Cottage Bedroom Envy

What do you think of what comes to mind when you say, French Country decor? Actually surprisingly enough it encompasses many of the same elements of coastal, industrial, and shabby chic decor. Pretty cool, right? Surprisingly it can also be both Feminine and Masculine. All you need are the right ... Read the Post

From Dream to Reality: Planning your Perfect Vacation and Picking the Perfect Outfit’s

I can’t believe REALLY  Memorial Day is just a week away.  I hope your plans include a lot of eating, drinking and spending time with friends and family. That is on my list first thing.   I am now in high gear planning vacations. Looking forward to getting away. Went into the closet ... Read the Post

Best “Happy Hour”: Spa Treatments @Home

The Stress Level this week was Off “The Charts”.. you too???… Are you  looking for the BEST AT HOME SPA TREATMENTS? Sit back relax you’ve come to the right place…..I gotcha covered!  Is it one of those weeks that between family and work responsibilities, you think you are “losing your ... Read the Post

How to Arrange Pillows In Your Living Room

Are you wondering how to Easily Style Pillows for your Couch or Chairs?  We get that question a lot. We have just what your looking for, let’s go! “Let’s Do A  Little Pillow Talk”!  What about that title, PILLOW TALK!  Well I guess I’m dating myself, it’s from a movie ... Read the Post

Best Patio Decor Ideas

Ah, the patio – the perfect place to soak up some sun, sip on a cool beverage, and escape from the stresses of daily life. But let's be real, your patio can quickly turn into a boring and uninspiring space if you're not careful. Fear not, my fellow patio enthusiasts, because I've got some amazing ... Read the Post

The Ultimate Guide: Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Dining Furniture

Are you looking to create an outdoor space for Alfresco Dining with Family and Friends? But How you Ask? We can help with that.  Our Best 5 outdoor Dining Space Ideas are Affordable and Beautiful. Join us for some  Amazing Alfresco Dining Ideas for your Patio” … What is Alfresco ... Read the Post

Easy Spring Patio Cleaning Tips

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and it's a great season to clean and prep your patio for its most important job:  to let you enjoy a beautiful Spring day outdoors with your friends. Although the season is just starting, there are plenty of things you can do now to get ready for what's ... Read the Post

Book Club Bookshelf

Welcome to the Book Club Book Shelf After joining a book club, reading my first book and I was hooked.  I kind of feel like I am back in junior high. I was an avid reader, I believe it was because it took you somewhere or you had never been. My favorite was Nancy Drew. She was my best friend, ... Read the Post

28 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home For Spring

Welcome everyone! “Spring is Here”. I looked out saw pops of yellow forsythia bushes that are flowering in the back yard so I decided to bring some Spring indoors. I have to admit I’m pretty far behind on Spring decorating. Spring Start Full Bloom So this is my start, it lets me know Spring is ... Read the Post

Recipes for Easy Cocktails

Enjoying a few Cocktails at Home has just gotten easier.  These are a few of my “Go To” Recipes for Easy Cocktails that are not only easy to make and will seem oh so festive for 1 or a Crowd.  So Belly up to the bar and get recipes for your favorite drinks. BARTENDER ON DUTY- ... Read the Post

Easy Home Organizing Tips

Hello Friend, are you wanting to start Organizing your Home for 2023 but don’t know where to begin? You are in the right place you are about to get some of my Quick and Easy Ways to Accomplish Organizing your Home and Easy Steps to get you Started. Another New Year,  many ... Read the Post

Amazing Bathroom Makeover

When I purchased this home I knew that I had to pick and choose what was important. What needed to be replaced and what I could live with! My immediate concern was outdated carpeting and outdated colors. So I have my work cut out for me, finding a contractor picking out floor colors and installation ... Read the Post

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