Easy to Hang Invisible Plate Hanger DIY

Come on in and learn how to hang plates on a wall with this “oh so Simple and Easy” trick.
I just love Plates on any wall in the home. Why hide them? Join me as I share my simple trick below  for hanging plates on a wall Easily and Safely. It is the Best Ever Easy to Hang Invisible Plate Hanger DIY?

This is an “no sweat” DIY, if I can do what you can do it. Seriously!

Assorted Platters

Full Transparency 

To be honest I did not think this idea up myself but years ago and still today I follow a Blogger, Yvonne from StoneGable (be sure to visit her, you won’t regret it.). She showed her plates and stoneware lids that she had hung on her walls. I was amazed, said “shoot” I can do that! I have to be totally transparent, I was pretty unsure that it would really work. I was new to the blogging world and thought she might just be exaggerating. But Lo and Behold, she was Not!

Plate Gallery Wall

Wall Decor

I like simple Gallery walls and I also like what one would call over exaggerated Gallery walls. It is all just a personal choice. But I will remind you that “Less is Always Best”. Sometimes too much takes away from what you’re actually displaying so keep that in mind when you are attempting this or any other wall gallery display. 

I found these to be perfect for hanging my Farmhouse Platters and even my Heirloom Dishes.  Just pop on ver to Pinterest, you will see many creative ideas using these hangers.  

I will say that these are  easy to use and are even safety assured, totally invisible and much safer for your plates than those metal hangers that rub.  Ugh!


Follow the directions included with the Discs to hang plates (or whatever) Here’s how they work…and yes, it is So Easy.

Plate hangers

Tips for Hanging Plates On A Wall

These are Simple and Easy to Use –

  1. First clean the plate, (even if the plate is new, as surface contamination may inhibit adhesion).
  2. Wet the adhesive side of the disc and slowly agitate with your finger to activate the glue.
  3. When the glue becomes “tacky” apply the disc to the back of the plate (ensure the hook is in the correct position for plate design).
  4. Press down firmly, leave to dry overnight before thoroughly testing strength of adhesion.
  5. Hang your plate on wall and admire! 


 This is one of those things that when they say in the instructions to clean off the plate and to Patiently (once you have placed the glued disc to your object) let it dry for 24 hours. This is and will be the most important Instructions you will get. If you Follow this Simple Rule, you will have no problems hanging plates as well as heavier objects. I am going to share now share the goods with you….

Plate hangers

Here is what the Manufacturer has to say:

This is the original invisible Adhesive Disc Hanger, tested and proven for more than 40 years. The Adhesive Disc Hanger is the answer to ugly plate wires, clips or hooks. 

The Disc Hanger sticks to the back of the object and holds it flat and secure against the wall. Best of all, it cannot be seen. The Disc gives a permanent adhesion of great strength to a glazed or an unglazed surface. A fixing that will not age-harden or deteriorate with time.

What size adhesive disc do you need for your antique plates?

1 1/4″ for plates up to 4 in diameter

2″ for plates up to 6 in diameter

3″ for plates up to 8 in diameter

4″ for plates up to 12 in diameter

5 1/2″ for plates up to 6.5 lbs in weight

(Sizes taken directly from the packaging for the Invisible English Disc Adhesive Large Plate Hanger.)  

Platters on Wall

Creamware Flea Market Random Platters

Purchased from Decor Steals 

have never tried anything else other than the Brass Spring Loaded Hanger (not very attractive).

Others trying to accomplish this, I have seen many things paper clips with tape, glued pop tops from cans. To be very honest I don’t think I would trust any of those compared to this method.

If you have tried these ideas and have been successful please share your pictures and comments below. We always love to hear new ideas.

Where Can I Use Them?

  1. Can be used with all fired materials such as unglazed tiles, terracotta etc.
  2. Disc adheres to the back of the object and cannot be seen when the object is hung
  3. Can be used on 3-dimensional objects such as bowls
  4. Disc comes in 5 different sizes 

Once it’s dry you can hang it up. I’ve used this method over and over in many of my Homes over the years, and I’m happy to say that my plates always remained on the Walls “without incident”. Here is a link below to the Plates I currently have in My wall.

Thyme & Table Dinnerware
Thyme & Table Dinnerware
Walmart Thyme and table dinnerware

I am glad to have shared this with you today and I am always looking for Simple and Budget-Friendly DIY and Decorating the Home.  Which I always LOVE Sharing.

I think this  one “nailed it”. 🤩

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