Picture Perfect Hanging Tips

We’ve all struggled at one time or another  to find the nail to latch onto the wire backing of framed photos or art. We’ve lifted and slowly lowered it dozens of times where we anticipate the hardware to be without any luck. And no matter how many times we try to peek on the other side, we simply can’t find the exact placement of the nail. I have found the coolest solutions to help with that.


If you have trouble trying to locate the nail when you hang a picture resulting in scratched walls, here’s a trick: hammer the nail into the perfect spot. 

Then, using a fork place the tines between the nail head and the wall. While holding the fork, use your other hand to slide the frame down using the fork’s handle as a guide. When the frame is situated on the nail pull the fork up and you’re done.

Here is another Clever Trick I have used on several occasions depending upon what exactly I am hanging.  I don’t know if you are like me but I absolutely despise hanging pictures etc.  I honestly, would rather have a “Root Canal”. Ok…maybe it is a bit of an exaggeration. LOL.  Do you like my Segway into the fact I am using Toothpaste?


Simple Rules-Hanging Pictures

Hang Art at Eye Level

Doing so means the piece will look as good from 12’ Away – as it does from 12” away.

The artwork will neither seem to be falling to the ground or floating up in space.

While seemingly obvious, this rule is actually often overlooked by many home decorators.


Magic Numer 57

Turns out, there is just one magic number you need to remember to put the rule (eye level) into action: 57”

The average site line for a human being is 57 inches.

Just a little tidbit, who knew?

Easy to Hang

Many Companies have taken the hassle out of hanging photo frames with their Easy-to-Hang wall template system. Convenient and balanced options are included with your wall gallery kit. 

How to hang pictures

All in One Hanging Exhibit Gallery

What is Exhibit?

The Exhibit features 5 picture frames that can be arranged to create a personalized picture display tailored to your desired space.

Umbra Exhibit Picture Frame Gallery Set

Modern & Original Picture Frame Set

Show off illustrations, artwork, pictures and more by creating a DIY collage or gallery-inspired wall with Exhibit. Place two Exhibits side by side to create an eye-catching wall art statement.

Easy to Install

This picture frame set comes complete with all mounting hardware and only requires two holes. Set includes two 4×6 and three 5×7 picture frames with metal bar and rods.

If the center of your art is placed on the wall at 57”, your in business. Job well done!

Did you ever notice, in decor, remodeling and just about anything we do there are always some sort of magic numbers or whatnot.  

Woman hanging picture

Hope this was helpful and useful to you in your many endeavors as a homemaker and decorator.  

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