Wall Friendly Hanging Tips

Are you looking for a wall friendly hanging tips?

This will be one of the most easiest tips I can provide you. It is definitely the most inexpensive I have provided or purchased in a long time. I get so frustrated when I go to do a Decorating project that requires several hands and several people. Those are things that are hard to come by. You are single. Sometimes even with other members of the family in the house. I get it…..

I am a “hurry up and get it done type of a personality”.  So that really doesn’t work for me the…. Waiting. 🙄 does that sound like you?

It’s not often that I find things that are so simple and easy for me to do by myself. But idea and tool is A Game Changer”.

Allow me to introduce you to my new best friend and possibly yours… without further ado: 


Easy Hanging - No Tools Required

How to hang Marquis hawks

The MonkeyHook® is the best heavy duty wall hanger for hanging anything on drywall. I  believe hanging a picture doesn’t have to turn into monkeying around. LOL. That’s why I use this product and it makes my decorating easier. 

See For Yourself…..

More to Chose From

Deco hawks

These are one of the GREATEST inventions ever! We all need to be careful with wall damage from Screws etc. These fixed that problem. 

These are an absolute lifesaver.  I have hung heavy antique mirrors and pictures using these hooks. HONEST (cross my heart).

BEST PART: It only takes a mere few SECONDS to install, and when removed, the hole left behind is smaller than from a finishing nail.

This makes it barely detectable at all. 

I have most time not even need filler to cover them when I repainted, the paint itself left them invisible. 

Here are some places I have used these products in my Home.


In conclusion, finding the perfect hanging solution for your home has never been easier! With a plethora of options like flat iron dishes, monkey hooks, and deco hooks, you have the freedom to transform your living space exactly the way you want. Whether you’re organizing your kitchen, sprucing up your living room, or adding a touch of creativity to your workspace, these versatile hanging products are your best allies. Embrace the simplicity and functionality they offer, and let your creativity soar as you create a space that truly reflects your personality and style. Happy decorating and may your home be filled with both practicality and charm! 

Did you ever notice, some times it is the S I M P L E things in life that make life EASY.

Please if you do use this idea, take Pictures of your Work and Post them with a Comment below.  We love to hear from our Readers…..

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  1. These are great tips Patricia, and yes I agree that it’s the simple, little things in life that can make yours days easier. Little things add up!

    • Maria, thank you very much for popping over and viewing today’s blog post. Thanks and I’m glad you enjoyed the Tips, Hoping you will visit again. 🙂Blessings, Patricia

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