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It’s been a busy week here at The City Cottage I have been preparing for my upcoming Updates to our NEW Home.

As always, I will keep you updated.  I am so excited, I can’t wait to share. 
As promised, this is the final segment on lamps, shades and styles. I believe I have given you a thorough insight to how simple it is to update a room with just a lampshade.  If you are so inclined to take it one step further, if your lamp allows, you can always add a coat of paint. Guess which paint I would recommend? Yep, you guessed right. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  So many colors to choose from, endless possibilities.

I’m going to respond to questions that I have received in the past with regards to changing your Lampshades.

The #1 question is; “ do people really changed their lampshades today”?

Well now that’s a really good question, I would have to say it is probably close to a 75% either have or have entertained that notion. While the other 25% are more inclined to just purchase a new one. That’s obvious when you go to a resale shop, goodwill, or even on Marketplace on Facebook.

There is an old saying, “What is one Woman’s junk is another Women’s Treasure”. 

People do change their lampshades for several reasons, and it’s not always about avoiding buying new lamps. Here’s why:

  1. Saves Money: Lampshades are often more affordable than buying a new lamp. If you have a lamp base that you love, changing the shade can give it a fresh look without breaking the bank.Just visit Pinterest and see all of the “Trash to Treasure” lamps that were found and now they are a thing of beauty.
  2. Personalizing: Lampshades come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and patterns, allowing you to personalize your lighting to match your décor. Even better is updating the shade as a DIY project. I am sure you have. Seeing the many DIYers on Pinterest as well as newbies that have done amazing things with a simple lamp. They have breathed new life into them.  That goes along with the theme of this series… “What’s Old is New”
  3. Sentimental Value: this is a hard one, not just for lamps, but for family heirlooms. Sometimes we just can’t part with it, not so much the item as the memories. I think it helps to make the memories live on. Changing the lampshade allows us to keep these cherished pieces while still giving them their personality and style.

So, while some may opt to buy new lamps, changing lampshades offers more flexibility and certainly is a cost-effective way to refresh and personalize your lighting, all while considering budget, sentimentality, and sustainability.

What Are The Types of Lampshades

Moving on to some terms and images that are very helpful when choosing a lampshade. This image is being provided by Homestrasophere, a leading online home and garden publication with a focus on interior design and home design.

Styles of Lampshades

Empire Lampshade

Urn Lamp

Empire lamp shades the more classic cone-shaped shades that has a small diameter at the top and a larger diameter at the bottom.
This lamp from the My Texas House at Walmart is a perfect example of how these shades work well with most shapes and styles of lamp bodies. In general, this shade goes well with any style décor  you might have.

Suggestions: (Empire) Can have a contemporary look and fit well with modern décor. They also go with a traditional candlestick lamp.

Bell Shaped Shade

French vintage candlestick lamp with Bell, Shade and Crystal

Bell lamp shades are cone-like shape but curved, sloping sides and several separate panels.These shades are generally seen in traditional décor. 

When to use:. Bell shades also can be used for several styles of their décor such as French, Cottage Country, style lamps. to mix your styles of lamps. It gives it visual interest.  As shown in the photo of  this gorgeous Barnes  and Ivy Duval Antique Finish Candlestick Lamp from Walmart.  

Drum Shades

Metal All Modern Table Lamp

This Modern Style Lamp is a perfect example of the Drum shade on The Gio Metal Table Lamp with its sleek lines but it does make a nice statement from All Modern.

When to use: Drum shades work great with geometric bases and have a modern look.  These are my favorites lately, I think because they look sleek and sophisticated. 

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Geometric Lamp with Square Shade

These lampshade styles look best one paired with a similar square or rectangle or lamp base. As you can see in this little lamp this unique styled lamp the Franklin Iron Works  Zion Rustic Lamp from Walmart.  It is surely a statement piece. It has so many elements going on at the same time, but yet it is cohesive and its style.

When To Use: the shades lean towards a modern and contemporary style. These are my second choice and style of the lamp and shade. This lamp to me is a work of art.

Dreamy Shade Material and Design


Fabric Lamp Shades

Fabric (Cotten,Linen,Silk) lamp shades are available in a spectrum of colors and patterns, which makes it easy to find a shade to match the style of your home.  There is also fabric with a lively pattern that will go well with contemporary. 

Paper Lamp Shades

Paper lamp shades are thin and lightweight, but oh so cool. These come in a variety of colors, but natural parchment lamp shades seem to be the most popular.  I always think of IKEA when I hear paper shades. The cool part about paper is it  can be printed or painted with designs to give the lamp shade a “your unique look”. I think we have another DIY project here. 

Well now you have a  “Full Arsenal” of style, shapes, colors as well to help you when you decide to refresh, renew, and update any land in any room of your home.   
Now you can make an informed choice as to which avenue of change you will choose.

Shopping Suggestions

Hoping I have ”shed a little light” on the subject. LOL. 

This Inspiration and suggestions should have you trying your hand at just the simplicity of changing your lampshade. 

Until next time….

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