7 Amazing Stairwell Space Solutions

Are you short on Space? Wondering if you could use the space under the stairs in your home?

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I recently had a conversation with my contracting friend, Chris he was telling me about this pretty cool project he was working on for client. They wanted to use the space under the stairs, if was possible.  Their home was lacking organization and the reason for that was no place to put everything they had, such as: essential home items, linens, books etc.  if the space was feasible, he told them they could use it as a room for anything even a powder room if they choose. He said they were so excited. He kind of was as well, it was new territory for him. I’ll keep you posted on the progress, he said. So hence the inception of this mysterious hidden gem under the stairs….

Making the most of the space in your home is really important, most of us dont have enormous houses and so it’s wise to use what room we have in a sensible way. Chances are your home is full of ‘dead space’ if you look around, and these kinds of places often accumulate mess and clutter and end up as a bit of a disaster. 

Why Use the Space Under The Stairs?

Increases Home Value

Well-designed and functional use of space, including under-stair areas, can enhance the overall value of a home, especially if it’s utilized effectively and aligns with the preferences of potential buyers.

Adds Visual Charm​

This area can be transformed into a visually appealing feature of the house, adding character and uniqueness to the space. It can become a focal point or an architectural element that contributes to the overall aesthetic.

Have you been daydreaming  about that space under your stairs and what you could do with this space? Well we have some smart ideas to consider that will help you  maximize this space.  Let’s Go…

Powder Room

The feasibility of this option relies on factors such as the size of the space beneath your stairs and the placement of existing plumbing in your home. Nevertheless, in many instances, it’s possible to create a small powder room with a toilet and sink. This not only proves highly practical, especially as your family expands or when hosting guests, but can also contribute to the overall value of your home.
Explore all the after holiday sinks and toilets for sale, choose a pleasing light color for paint, and enhance the ambiance with appropriate lighting and decor. 

Home Office

Having a dedicated space to focus on work or pay bills thats set away from the main living areas can be a great use of your under stairs space. If there’s an existing cupboard there, have that removed to open things up. Consider a custom made desk and storage to perfectly fit under the stairs and you essentially create a whole new ‘room’ in your home. 

Cozy Reading Nook

If you’ve ever dreamt of having a cozy reading nook, your cupboard under the stairs might just be the perfect spot. Lots of people have set this up online so there’s tons of great inspiration, with cosy bench seating with storage, warm lighting and storage for all of your books. 

Cozy Pet Retreat

Th space under the stairs can be transformed into a great little haven for your pets, ditch the dog crate and make your pooch their own little ‘bedroom’ instead! Crating dogs is useful for teaching puppies downtime and older dogs often like their own quiet space, so be sure to add a door with a custom ‘grate’ or railed option and they will have the perfect space to relax and sleep without an ugly metal dog crate getting in your way. If you have a puppy, it can be worth adding some waterproof coverings to the floor such as polyurethane paint, and then add lots of cozy blankets or dreamy beds that can easily be washed. Easy to clean and maintain and a good use of a previously unused part of the house. 

Much Needed Pantry


If you don’t have space in the kitchen for a pantry, how about putting it under the stairs? Install shelves or use storage bins to categorise everything, and that way you free up space in your kitchen cupboards. Use glass or plastic containers to keep out pests, and carefully label everything with what it is and the date so you can keep on top of the organization

Stylish Craft Room

Are you a DIY enthusiast or an avid crafter? Then you’ll know just how much ‘stuff’ you accumulate and need to store. Your space under the stairs could be transformed into the ultimate craft corner, add a sturdy table, organize your art supplies and add really good lighting and you have the perfect spot to sit and get creative. 

Wine Cellar

Do you consider yourself a Wine Aficionado? Or are you like me I just enjoy wine. I am always up for wine tastings and when I travel I always look for wineries I like to experience new things. Is that you as well? I saw this picture recently and fell in love with it, so I thought I would add it to this group of ideas for under your stairwell. the hottest trend – a wine cellar enclosed in glass! Picture your favorite wines displayed beautifully behind clear glass, creating this cozy nook that adds a touch of luxury to your home.


As we wrap up this journey sharing the many possibilities under your stairs, remember, the heart of your home beats in every nook and cranny. From a practical pantry to a cozy pet retreat, a magical book nook, a functional powder room, a creative craft space, and a tranquil reading corner – the options are endless. Your home is a canvas, and each choice reflects your unique story. So, embrace the excitement of reinventing these spaces, tailoring them to suit your lifestyle. May your home forever be a reflection of the warmth and happiness you bring to it! Cheers….

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