The Last Few Pounds

Are you getting Ready for the Beach? Clothing, hair, makeup and those    “Last” Few Pounds?

I hear you, that is not as FUN as the other stuff was, right? 

Girl Outdoors

Hello my Friend….I hope your week has started off to a good start.  

It has been a hectic last couple of days and on my “TO DO” list is to Eat Better and Exercise More (actually for me it is get started…shhh don’t tell anyone).  How about you? For now, I  will blame it on the “procratination”. 

Have you ever noticed  when you first start on a diet, that darn weight seems to come off pretty quickly. Then ….. the process gets slower…and slower…and slower.  We can’t seem to Lose those Last Few Pounds?  Why is that? HUH?

Last Few Pounds

Do you like how I tempt you with food ….. it is so that we have a another reason to really get a better eating and exercise regime…. nah it is because “misery loves company”. hehehehe!

Tips On Losing Weight

Our body begins to stop once the weight starts coming off. That is just the nature of weight loss. Fortunately, with a few quick tips that can help you end that stubbornness of weight loss. Let’s get busy and Lose those Last Few Pounds.   

Self Care

This is when we put all of attention on our personal needs.  This is not Selfish thinking, so don’t feel that way.  It is important for our Physical well-being.  Hence, weight loss.  “Mind over Matter”.   

Our thoughts about ourselves have a significant impact on our overall mind and body.  

As a bonus, visit Happy Hour Spa Time and you will get a FREE Printable WEEKLY SELF-CARE CHECKLIST.

Quiet Time

Practicing silence…. Why is this something I have a difficult time doing.
Being silent gives you a chance to focus. Which will help to lessen tension and lower your heart rate. Also, helps with High Blood Pressure (I suffer from that so this is #1 in my routine).

Meditation has been a life-saver for me in the past and today.  When I feel stress coming on or am in the throughs of it, I take a step back and close my eyes and take a few long breaths in and slowly exhale.  I am here to tell you…..”this is a life-saver”.  Try it….

Get Enough Sleep

This is one I struggle with all the time.  I never seem to be able to go to sleep at a decent time or even stay asleep.  Does that sound like you.  I get it…

They say as you get older (ME) you require less sleep.  That may work for others, I on the other hand am here to tell you that I have 2 types of emotions without sleep….Crying and Cranky.  Neither of which are a “pretty sight”. LOL.

The best amount of sleep time they say is 7-9 hours.  How is your Sleep?

Bedtime Routine

Girl Sleeping

I have been advised that part of the problem with my poor sleeping is my Bedtime Routine.

For me, I am watching TV and reading on my IPAD at the same time.  

When it is “lights out” time, I am surrounded by devices being charged, lights coming on when messages are being delivered etc.  Not very conducive for sleeping I would say.

So what I have been doing is disconnecting from my devices  at bedtime and placing them in my Office to charge and do whatever it is doing.  

This seems to be helping but I have to admit…..I am so afraid I am missing something. Really!!!

Talk a Walk

Girls Walking Jogging

Best Friends Time Ever…. Enlist a friend to walk with. Catch up on each other’s lives and at the same time you are burning un-needed calories.  

Did you Know:  A brisk 30-minute walk a day will burn 150 calories.  Limit whether you want a brisk or a leisurely walk.  It is about the the friendship, encouragement and it will keep you motivated and accountable.  

Trust me this does work in all aspects of our/my life.  A Big Shout Out to all my helping Friends. 

Drink Plenty of Water

This is truly one area I struggle with more than the weight loss.  I have never been a water drinker, wine now that is a different story. LOL.

I have to play little mind games with myself in order to have some intake of water.  

I place a water pitcher on the counter so that every time I go into the kitchen it stares me in the face as a pleasant reminder …. “Please Drink Me”!  

Yes this is a Wine Carafe, you can stop Laughing…

Drinking water before a meal reduces your appetite.  But it is also important to have at least 8 glasses of water a day it is said to help metabolism (weight loss) and help with anything you are doing in order to lose weight and watch calories.  

I try very hard to do this, hence, the reason I put the bottle of water out as a reminder.

I have friend Blogger and she lost tons of weight and she attributes it to Water and she swears by Infused Water.  I think I am going to try that as well.  Like the water they have in the Spas (lemon, cucumber etc.).

If you would like to learn more about it, visit her Blog and 10 Best Recipes for Fruit Infused Water  Karianne Wood, Thistlewood Farms

Spa Time

Beautiful spa composition on massage table in wellness center, copyspace. Accessories for relaxing treatments and personal care. Towels, oils, serum, sea salts and scrubs. Decorative candles.

We started with Self-Care and I will end today’s Post with Self-Care.  

Spa Treatments I know can be very expensive and require so much time (driving there, waiting to get started, driving home, taking care of family, closing out the day etc. etc.). Whew, when did I get that Spa Treatment? Right?

Well, one of the first places to start is with US.  Taking care of Mind, Body and Spirit.  The Trinity of Weight Loss and Maintenance.  

Set aside time for yourself, when you have put the kiddos to bed, hubby is watching TV (sports of course) and get out your best Bubble Bath and give yourself a Facial, Body Scrub etc.  Takes just a few Simple ingredients and a few minutes in the Kitchen to whip it up.  Oh, while you’re there maybe pour yourself a nice glass of champagne, wine or whatever liquid refreshment you want…this is truly “ALL ABOUT YOU”. 

I am here to tell you that this is the best prescription for all aspects of health and weight loss or anything else you are trying to accomplish.  It all begins with YOU.  

I have several homemade recipes that will get you started in my Post, “Best Happy Hour Spa Treatments at Home” See what you think.

Lastly my one additional EASY Tip to incorporate into your daily routine…

                                Just BREATHE!

Self Care

My intent for writing this Post is to give you Encouragement and Tools to help you continue your journey of losing a few pounds and better living everyday. 

I and our readers would love to hear your successes and any additional things you do to continue on your Journey.  Post your comments, we love to hear from our Readers.

Thanks for joining us and being a part of The City Cottage Family. I love when we can visit. 

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Until next time, 


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