No Electrician Needed! New Outlets

Owning a Home comes with a price. No matter how we budget we still see things we would like to fix or change. Does that sound familiar?
Well I’m always looking for easy but decorative ways of updating and I just happen to find some thing I used so I wouldn’t have to call a Electrician to change out outlets that were in tan and dated the house. Join me and see how cool these are and soooo Simple!

Masque decorator cover

Moved into my home and I noticed all the outlets and light switches were tan.
I thought, I will just have them replaced. So I took my clipboard out and started adding them up…… light switches 21 wall outlets 28. Oh My, so many.
How much are they going to cost and gosh, how about the electricians fee. On to Plan “B”……..

Plan “B”

What is all the “hullabaloo” about these crazy covers?  Will this put Electrician’s “out of business”? NO! 

But it sure will put some money in your bank account or reserve what is there…..

Taymac outlet covers

Duplex Outlet Covers


Electrician Cost to replace Outlet:  $100 avg. (based on region)


Duplex cover made by IBO Electrical LLC Amazon $11.99 (for 5)



Best part of these ….. it is considered a DIY and you hear Cha-Ching at your Bank. LOL.

Only takes 30 seconds No Electrician Required Multi-gang applications. – This product covers the receptacle (outlet) and fits with a standard wall plate and receptacle. – It does not cover the entire electrical box. – A wall plate is required to fit over the outlet cover. – This product changes the color of an existing receptacle without the need to replace the receptacle. – The product comes in a 5 pack or 10 pack. You can choose between 5 different colors. Each pack can only be purchased with a single color.

5 stars  ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ 322 people can’t be wrong.


Scour the internet, there has to be something that can help. There was.
I found these on Amazon and decided to start with something I could handle my self. I bought several white outlet covers and installed them over the existing electrical outlets.

TEMAC Outlet Covers

Wall Outlet Cover dIY

Cover wall plates prove a Contemporary, designer look.  Decorator Cover Wall Plates completely cover OLD OUTDATED Outlets and Switch Plates. NO REWIRING IS REQUIRED; Easy To Install.


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