Amazing Bathroom Makeover

When I purchased this home I knew that I had to pick and choose what was important. What needed to be replaced and what I could live with!
My immediate concern was outdated carpeting and outdated colors. So I have my work cut out for me, finding a contractor picking out floor colors and installation of 1500 ft.² of flooring. But that’s not what this post is about today. Fast forward to years later, April 2020.  I no longer could stand looking at the guest bathroom.. For one thing, you could not use the tub/shower. It was a safety hazard.  All I know is that it would have to be done. 
As I say in all articles, can you find out who can you trust to be your contractor.
I called a friend who has a plumbing business I’ve got a referral. He highly recommended, Troiano Building & Remodeling. It is a father-son business. My contact was, Tyler Triano.  We made an appointment, he was very knowledgeable, respectful and said, it can all be done. Those are words I love to hear. LOL
This is the picture of what he saw and what he quoted me on. He didn’t say it but I know I was mortified sharing that room with anybody.

Guest Bathroom Sylvan

I was given a quote and a date, but I was skeptical. Now all that was needed for us to determine where I was going to purchase what was needed for fixtures in that bathroom.
Because of Covid, this was a tricky Endeavor. Even the  best laid plans can change several times. I have become remorseful for two words: “unavailable and back ordered”. They seem to be in every sentence from the time we started.
I made a lot of concessions, adjustments and unfortunately mistakes. But that’s another whole article, we won’t go into that now.
This article is mainly to share with you before and after pictures, fixtures chosen, flooring, paint colors, lighting etc.  future articles will go in depth on the different aspects of the remodel.

The process…

                                 Tear Out Day 

Sylvan Guest Bath
Sylvan Guest Bath Demo

The bathroom was one of the least-used rooms in the house. Mainly because of the non-functional and hazardous  essential items in the room.  I likened it to a huge hole, LOL. 
To have a well-designed bathroom you can accomplish this easily if you have a plan.

Your Guest Bathroom is  reflection of the style and comfort of your home, as is all of your rooms. So careful planning is a must….
I will share  below all of the items purchased and installed in the Guest Bathroom 

Planner On Desk

Jot Down Material Needed

Preparing a material list for a bathroom remodel requires careful consideration of all the essential items needed to bring your vision to life. I found mine online at The Spruce.
Firstly, start with the basics: bathroom fixtures. You’ll need a new toilet, sink, and bathtub or shower, depending on your preference. Don’t forget to include faucets, shower heads, and any necessary plumbing fittings.
Next, focus on the surfaces. Measure the area to determine the amount of tiles required for the floor and walls, and consider purchasing adhesive and grout as well.
Additionally, think about lighting fixtures and mirrors . Remember to include paint, primer, and any necessary brushes or rollers for a fresh coat on the walls. Lastly, don’t overlook the smaller details, such as towel racks, toilet paper holders, and cabinet hardware. 

Being prepared will help elevate surprises and costly upgrades.  
My rule of thumb is:
Write it once
Check it twice
Check it one more time

Bathroom Drapery Shower Curtain Trick dIY

Material and Products

Click on the image above to be taken to Home Depot, where material was purchased, and description of each item.

Cabinet DIY



Shower Curtain

I love how this renovation  came together! Even though I seem to feel confident on my design, I always have that darn “doubt gene” that lends itself to helping me worry.   I am not a professional photographer by any stroke of the imagination so my pictures really don’t do this space justice since it’s quite a challenge photographing in a room with no windows that has such a small “footprint”.    

Inspiration via Pinterest 

Finished Results

I hope the article has given you some ideas and encouragement to move forward on to possibly a remodel, renovation or simply a refresh.  

I hope this is “Motivation” enough to get you moving on your Bathroom Update. Sit down, doodle out your ideas for your bathroom.  You Can Do This!   

Thanks again for joining me and being a part of The City Cottage Family.

Until next time…..

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  1. Your bathroom renovation is encouraging
    Patty. It’s definately a future project for me.
    Unfortunately my bathroom being gutted
    also requires plumbing changes that affect
    tearing out walls & major other changes Uhhhh.
    I enjoyed your newsletter.

    • Cyndi, thanks for visiting….don’t be discouraged sometimes we fear the worse and realize it was not as bad as we think. ???? It is the unknown. ???? If you ever need help, I would be happy to do so.

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