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What do you think of what comes to mind when you say, French Country decor?
Actually surprisingly enough it encompasses many of the same elements of coastal, industrial, and shabby chic decor. Pretty cool, right?

Surprisingly it can also be both Feminine and Masculine.

All you need are the right fabrics and a few items on the industrial side and it will be a Great “Marriage”. 🙂

I am so excited about that, now I can start moving forward with areas of updates, refresh and remodeling.
Yippee! Stayed tuned….lots happening at The City Cottage.

I am still in the drawing board mode for my Master Bedroom Update to follow..”


I just can’t seem to stop falling in love with everything that I see. LOL Do you do the same? It’s just so frustrating. Just when I think I have found the right bedding someone post something on Pinterest or I read a blog and I’m in love again. So fickle am I. What can I say….. How about you, are the same? 


In a refresh the largest part is the painting of the room, in my case it was just painted and I still like the colors. So that is one headache I don’t have to worry about.

FW repose, gray

I am still in love with the gray/blue color scheme for paint and my accessories will be in that color palette. I like the crispness of it and the fact that you can pull so many pastel colors into it as accents. I have now narrowed it down to French Cottage Farmhouse for the Master Bedroom. I’m doing that for a couple of reasons, I can keep some of the pieces of décor that I really like and I already have a few French Provincial furniture pieces. My previous style was Shabby Chic.


Here are three natural elements that you can incorporate into your French country bedroom design:

Wrought Iron Bed

A wrought iron bedframe adds a touch of elegance and rustic charm to your bedroom. The intricate metalwork of the bedframe brings a natural element into the space, while also creating a focal point that exudes timeless beauty. 

Wooden Dresser with Carved Details:

A wooden dresser with carved details not only provides functional storage but also adds a natural and artistic element to your bedroom. Look for a dresser made of distressed or reclaimed wood, as it will bring a sense of history and authenticity to the space.  

Stone Accents

French Country Bedroom

Introduce stone accents to your bedroom to enhance the rustic appeal of the French country style. This can be achieved through exposed brick walls, a stone fireplace, or even a stone-topped nightstand. The texture and earthy tones of stone add depth and a natural element that complements the overall design. 

French Cottage Farmhouse

To me, it lends the room a look of comfort, and while choosing the decor pieces, I want to make sure that the warm and cheery feel is maintained in my Master Bedroom. I am looking for certain features and characteristics in each of the items I choose, so if you’re looking to create a French farmhouse style room, you can follow along to find pieces that I love and maybe you’ll love also:



Colors and Patterns

When deciding on patterns for this style, you can’t go wrong with a floral or toile pattern. I also like nature inspired artworks in a similar color theme, or any vintage prints that will fit into the look. 

The colors in the French Cottage Farmhouse style are mostly soft and muted, and I will try to keep it that way for the decor pieces as well. Light grey, blue and maybe a pop of pink in my new style, with even the occasional deeper shades. I am not sure yet what colors that will be, probably Navy Blue and Grey.  I love the richness of the blue pillows and that will be a good addition to the design.  


I find that brighter shades look best when used as patterns or when paired with neutral colors, so I will introduce the occasional dark blue or grey cushion, or bright green plants in an off white vase. I have my favorite places besides Pinterest to look for bedding the above pictures are from Ballards.

Peonies or even Hydrangeas in pearlized Vase is Elegant and simple – can be part of a your French country setting.

You can choose real flowers and greens, I have found the best place to buy fresh floral at an affordable price is at Trader Joe’s.

If you have been considering trying Faux florals, this would be the time to do it. The stems are simply stated. Today they are very much the look, and almost the feel of real florals. I have been using them for years and they have never disappointed.



Wood is used everywhere in this style, so I am looking for nice wooden boxes, wooden.  

I particularly like boxes and quirky bird to me they bring in a farmhouse feel. Im scouring the internet for something like this. 


Faux Greenery Decor

Another material which goes well in the French Cottage Farmhouse style is wicker. I use wicker baskets for plants and stationery and especially for your throws and extra pillow, and even simple wicker coasters on the table to add oodles of character to the room. 

A ceramic bowl or two, be it plain or with a pattern (if I can ever decide), make a good place to store and display fresh flowers and other items. You can mix in a few metallic bowls and vases with the ceramics as well.    

Even with the right materials, it is the finishes that create the look for FrenchCountry farmhouse decor. I look for pieces with weathered or distressed finishes, both for furniture and decor. The pieces can also have a paint finish, or have peeling or weathered down paint. A weathered look gold finished mirror can lend just the right cozy yet elegant feel to the room. 


You can find decor pieces with distressed and weathered finishes easily available to buy online, but it can also be DIY’d to add more meaning to the pieces used.

If you have vintage or antique decor, make sure to find a place to display it here. It’s amazing how the right decor can turn a house into a home. When I can go out again, I would love to look for decor finds in a yard sale or thrift shop. But till then, I’ll stick to shopping online and maybe even try a hand at some DIY looks for the decor.

If you have vintage or antique decor, make sure to find a place to display it here. It’s amazing how the right decor can turn a house into a home. When I can go out again, I would love to look for decor finds in a yard sale or thrift shop. But till then, I’ll stick to shopping online and maybe even try a hand at some DIY looks for the decor.

How have you added touches of French country to your bedroom? What would you like to do next?. Do you have any other favorite French country bedroom ideas? If so I would love to hear your suggestions, drop me a line below!

Thanks for joining us and being a part of The City Cottage Family. I love when we can visit. 

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French Blue Bed
French Toile’

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