Moving Into a Cottage? Replace These 3 Key Elements First

Have you ever wondered why cottages captivate our imaginations and symbolize tranquility, even if you’ve never lived in one? Discover the timeless charm and hidden allure of cottage living that resonates with everyone, regardless of where you call home

Cottage by the Sea

The lure of a cottage is too hard for a lot of us to resist. There’s something so quaint and special about these little homes and the way they’re designed; it’s a breath of fresh air compared with modern home designs. You get to enjoy something rural and rustic with loads of little interior and exterior design elements that make you smile!  

I believe I fell in love with it when I was growing up. Movies like “Gone With The Wind” and movies of today, such as “Pride and Prejudice”, The Notebook and these are ones off the top of my head.  But my all-time favorite is ”Holiday” with Cameron Diaz,.Who did not like that movie? I always envied friends whose family had cottages that they visited during summer break. Ever since then I have always dream someday maybe I will have that. Hence, that is how The City Cottage got its name. Where I lived I made it my cottage retreat.

Cottage Living

Whether you’re moving into a rural cottage or one closer to a city, it’s a good idea to replace a few key things before truly settling down. You might not need to replace them all – it depends on how old the cottage is and what the previous owners did to it. Keeping Budget in mind, it is a large undertaking Nevertheless, checking these three things is essential, and we’ll run through them with you now. 

Windows & Doors

Most cottages were built centuries ago and some owners don’t take the best care of the windows and doors. Or, more accurately, they want to retain the old style of these items, so they never thought to replace them.   
That’s great – from an aesthetic perspective – but from all other perspectives it’s not ideal! Look into window and door replacement services so you can upgrade these old things to more modern and secure designs. You don’t have to totally modernize the way they look, but the goal is to have double-glazed windows and a more secure front door. Both upgrades conserve energy while adding a new layer of modern security to your little cottage. This can be done without compromising the integrity of the structure, keeping it simple with the same style doors, windows, etc. 

Patio Balcony Setting


We just touched upon the idea of conserving energy, and if we’re being brutally honest, cottages weren’t built to do this. Especially in more rural areas where cottages likely didn’t have great insulation. If they did, then the chances are it hasn’t been changed for multiple decades.  
You inherit an older home with awful insulation, meaning it’s harder for the cottage to retain heat during the colder months. Even worse, it can be hard to reflect heat when it’s sunny, turning your little cottage into a hot box! Replacing the insulation ensures your cottage can maintain an ideal temperature and becomes more energy efficient. Also, some very old insulation might be harmful to you or contain materials we now no longer use. Checking it and swapping it out for updated insulation materials is beneficial from a health perspective.  

Electrical Wiring

Lastly, get someone in to look at the electrical wiring throughout the cottage. Obviously, when your cottage was originally built, it didn’t come with any wiring. This would’ve been added centuries after – though it could still be very outdated. Some of the wiring in homes fifty years old can be pretty poor by today’s standards and creates safety risks at home.   Check the wiring and replace it if necessary. This improves your safety while ensuring your home is electrically equipped to deal with modern technology!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this Post, you might get lucky and none of these things need to be replaced in your cottage. You can thank the previous owners for taking care of that! If you’re unlucky, performing these replacements will make your cottage more livable. At the end of the day, think of them as home improvements; you’re investing money to make your home better, and that’s worth it. 

Summer Cottages

This is something I have often times thought about doing, Renting a Cottage by the Sea…I have found many, most are out of my budget range so I hear you when you say that.  I get it.  I recently found this one (I am not getting paid to let you know of this cottage) it is located in the Blue Ridge Mountians.  It is called:

Pisgah Highlands Hammock House

Cottage or Rustic Vacation Home

Today with VRBO. (Vacation Rentals By Owner) you can rent almost any type of a home even a castle. No I’m not kidding. Look it up, so on that note we come to the close the mystique of Cottages.


In conclusion, cottages hold a timeless appeal that transcends ownership. Whether you’re moving into an old cottage or simply fascinated by the quaint charm they offer, updating key elements like windows, insulation, and electrical wiring is essential for comfort and safety. The magic of cottages is not only captured in real life but also immortalized in beloved movies, books, and miniseries. Their design elements, whether new or old, evoke a sense of warmth, simplicity, and connection to nature. Embracing the mystique of cottage living can inspire you to create a cozy haven, no matter where you live. Dive into the enchanting world of cottages, and let their charm transform your perspective on home and lifestyle. Thank you for joining us on this journey into the heart of cottage allure.

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