Give Your Older Home a Facelift: Top 3 Tips

Are you tired of your home’s outdated look? We got you, here are 3 Simple and Easy Tips for a Home Facelift. 

Older homes are a lovely element of the housing market. These properties have already stood the test of time and are still going strong a century or two after they were first constructed. No wonder everyone wants to get their hands on one!  
However, even when buying an older property, it’s important to bring it into the modern day in small ways – it makes the house more functional in the long run. Much of the renovation work you can do will also provide a much needed facelift, making your home more desirable from the curb and much lovelier to actually live in! 


Sand Down and Paint the Window Frames

Window frames on older properties are much more likely to be made out of wood. As such, you should think about sanding them down and painting over them again, especially if the wood looks moldy and/or rotten in places. You should also consider doing this if the coats of paint already on the frames are flaking off, and clearly have seen much better days. So grab your ladder, make sure it’s been secured safely against the exterior wall, and invest in a good bit of sandpaper and exterior varnish in the color you love. 


Replace the Garage Door

Does your older property come with a garage space? It’s much more likely than you think! So why not replace the garage door? A smoother, more modern fitting will definitely make the garage much easier to use, no matter what you want to store in there.

Plus, refitting the garage door tends to make for a pretty dramatic change, so be sure to include this in your plan for a new facade. And thankfully, there’s a wide range of residential garage doors on the market at the moment! Some incorporate old wood panelling, some are made of shiny, easy to clean vinyl, and some can be painted with any top coat you like. 

Replace the Roof

A bit of a pricey renovation, but may be necessary for two reasons on an older home. Firstly, if the roof hasn’t had routine upkeep, it may already be on its way out. And secondly, replacing the roof will give the whole place a brand new shiny veneer to be proud of! 

A good roof has aesthetic appeal and keeps both the sun and the rain out. You also won’t feel too hot or cold when walking round your home, thanks to layers of finely installed insulation. An older home with an original roof probably won’t have these modern conveniences to boast about. 

No Doubt, you’ll have to save up, and you might be tempted to renovate the kitchen first, but make sure you’ve got a dedicated budget pot for the roof. 

If you’ve invested in an older property and would like to give it a little facelift, start with these projects and develop your plan from there. These areas can add more appeal to your home’s overall look for less than you’d think! 

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By following these simple tips, you’ll give your older home the facelift it deserves. Sanding and painting the exterior can instantly refresh its look, while a new roof adds both beauty and functionality. Don’t forget about the garage door; a stylish update there can make a huge difference. These improvements not only enhance curb appeal but also increase your home’s value. Take the leap and transform your space into something you’ll love coming home to every day. Your older home will thank you!

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