5 Simple Affordable Home Office Tips

Needing and Wanting to carve out a Workable and Affordable Stylish Home Office but aren’t sure where to begin.  I hear you….pull up a chair I have just the Solutions to make that happen.

It can get so overwhelming, I sure get that. For myself, I came to the conclusion that these 5 Simple Affordable Home Office Tips really made the difference .  Use this Guide to begin creating that Stylish Office you have been wanting.

You can set up your own office space no matter what size your home is and no matter what your budget is.  If you’re a procrastinator like myself, and you say “I’ll Do It Tomorrow”, what I am sharing will make it a whole lot easier.  Setting up a small area just for you and whatever work you do helps us to be more productive. This way, our home life doesn’t spill over into our work life or vice a versa.

Today our homes are a plethora of things and rooms. A home, family, school, work, entertainment. Whew, did I leave anything out.  It’s a wonder that we can separate any of it. I am a Solopreneur and it’s hard enough for me but you all that are raising a family, teaching school and working from home, I applaud you. I don’t know how you are shuffling all those balls at one time. You are AMAZING! I don’t know that I could have done it.

Office Pink

Working from home or running online biz from home comes with quite a few challenges. One of those is…. “being and staying productive.”

One way to beat this is to create an inspiring and motivating work area that keeps you focused on your day to day tasks and being productive.

Sure, working from your bed in PJ’s or your kitchen table sounds enticing.  But is it really all that it’s cracked up to be? 

For most of us, one factor that hinders us from creating a motivating home office is BUDGET. 

You do not have to spend a lot of money to carve out your little nook. But you do need to know which pieces are important and what do you really need to get started.

What can you do to create your own Home Office that you will love to work in every day? I am glad you asked, I am going to share some quick and affordable items to make your office a place you will be happy to work in.   

We have to be careful when working with a a small work area that it doesn’t become cluttered and messy. I speak from experience, it can happen oh so very quickly. As soon as I  figure out the best way for this not to happen, we can only hope, I will share it with you all. I know I’m the only one in the house but then some days I look at my office and wonder who has been putting all that paperwork and junk on my desk, LOL. Oh yeah, it’s you silly.

Here are some of my top ideas for creating that home office that you will definitely love.

Here are a Few Tips

1). Color Your World

Choose the colors that you love that will put you in the right mood.  There area plenty out there to choose from (colors), we all have our favorites. What’s yours? I go for a clean and minimalist look.  Can’t wait to get started and share…

Color Trends Palette

For you… choose what you are happy with. What you should aim for is…to work in an area where you feel at ease and certainly relaxed!

If you don’t know how to start, you can check our trusty friend, Pinterest! You will be amazed and somewhat overwhelmed at all of the choices of colors and techniques.  It is fun….  but exhausting.  Decisions! Decisions ! Decisions!

2). Take a Seat, Please!


You have to be comfortable in the space that you’re working in, so the chair that you sit in is your most important purchase.  

There are many to choose from and it doesn’t have to be an office chair with the spinning seats and back rest that never reaches where it is supposed to, who designed those?

3.) Seeing is Believing

Your light takes an equal amount of thought, you want to be able to see in the area you are working without eye strain

BOHO neutral vignette

You can have a light that is above your work area as a choice or a tall lamp will also work. Whatever you choose let it bring joy and light on the subject.

4). Organic Accessories

It would be nice if we could bring greenery from outside in but that is not always so easy to do. Alternative is Faux greenery this works just as well and there are so many choices out there. Some you don’t even realize that they are not real.

Vignette decor neutral

Another choice would be to pick up a bunch of fresh flowers at the grocery store, if they have them. There’s something about the smell of the actual flower that is calming and refreshing.

5). A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words 

Something that is either colorful and brings you inspiration on the wall in front of you is a good idea. It can be your favorite quoted “framed”, a colorful picture or even a black-and-white drawing. Some thing that when you look at it it makes you smile. Doesn’t have to be a lot of money, there are so many options online for printable some are free some are so inexpensive there is no excuse.  

Even the frame of the picture can be inexpensive, sometimes you can get them in pack of four for almost nothing.   When you were tired of their color or you can paint them, gold leaf or add embellishments, your choices are endless. 

Consider these for putting your New/Old Office Together:

Whitman Desk

Roundhill Tuchico

Novogratz Haydel

Faux Succulent

Framed Wall Art

I hope this post has encouraged and inspired you to create a Home Office you absolutely Love!

Thanks again for joining us and being a part of The City Cottage Family. I love when we can visit.

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Setting up a home office that is both affordable and beautifully styled. A place you do not mind going to and being productive.


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  1. Super cute decor ideas! Thank you!

  2. I just lost my job and now have to work in a cluttered office that needs some serious love. These are great tips.

    • Sarah, glad the posts gave you some usable and easy tips. Hope you will come back and visit.

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