Kitchen Renovation Woes: Recipe for Ruin

Have you ever had something go wrong during a renovation? If so, then you are aware of what a nightmare it can be.

In todays post, we’re going over some of the most common kitchen renovation woes that can be a massive problem during your next home renovation. There are so many little and major factors that can turn a renovation on its heels. Let’s take some precautions for our next renovation, join me.

Available Space and Measurements

When it comes to planning any home project, it’s all about the available space. Talented designers and contractors can work with you to design something that will fit well. Quite often floor space can be restricted, which dictates what you can and cannot do. In remolding any room it is a give and take scenario. Yes, you can have those wonderful granite kitchen countertops, but maybe not as much as you want. An overfitted kitchen feels cramped, and don’t forget you need space for appliances and circulation. I always you the the 3 Step Plan of:

  1. NEED
  2. WANTS

Financial Kitchen Renovation Woes

A new kitchen is going to cost a lot of money. That’s a fact. Of course, a well-thought-out budget will always help. Even still, 66% of people go over their budgets when remodeling. Most experts will tell you to go over budget for your project. After working out what you think you will need for a remodel, add 20% on top of it. In many of my own projects in the beginning I tried to ignore that rule and I can tell you I was over every time.  This will help cover rising costs, time delays, and replacements if you can’t source the things you originally wanted. Research and planning are your friends. TRUTH.

Islands in the Traffic Stream

Kitchen Triangle with Island Diagram

Remembering the Kitchen Triangle…. the work triangle should not cut through any island or peninsula by more than 12 inches is the role of thumb. Who doesn’t love a fully functional kitchen with a big, bold island for getting stuff done? Islands are an excellent addition to make a kitchen feel complete. But there is often a big problem. Most people don’t consider the size of the island before they order it. Yes, your kitchen might be large. But an island will take up most of the space and be a disaster if it’s too much. Yet even with an economical choice, consider the feel of the island when it is in use and cluttered!

Let There Be Useful Light

Lighting is tricky to get right in most rooms. To make the most of lighting, modern designers use a layered approach. Layered lighting is a premium upgrade that can make a room feel just how you want. A kitchen is a functional space that needs high illumination for safety and tasking. You can never have too much light.  If you are fortunate to have that is a bonus.  Natural light makes the kitchen homier.

What is Ambient Lighting?

Ambient lighting in the kitchen is the Essential lighting every Kitchen should have.
Ambient light in the kitchen is the overall illumination. It comes from sources such as ceiling lights and sunlight from skylights and windows. It floods the room and provides what you need. I always loved my Skylights, it brightens rooms that need it and enhances rooms that already have an adequate amount.

Kitchen Task Lighting

Of course, the kitchen is where you will prepare food. Because of this, you need task lighting. Task lighting illuminates your work area so you can safely use knives and focus on cooking. There are so many to choose from today, from permanent, to wireless. There are new task lighting systems popping up every day.  

Stylish Decorative Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

We need ambient and task lighting, both of which are functional. But who says there cannot be style? Decorative lighting looks great in kitchens, such as pendant lighting over your island.

Ventilation for Smoke and Pollutants

Cooking is one of the greatest joys of life. Just learning to provide heartfelt meals for family is something to be treasured and an excellent life skill. But as great as your food might be, there is a problem. Food often smells! Like last week’s fish, yuck! Things can also get pretty smokey in a kitchen when frying steaks. And the grime that can build up is awful. If the budget allows and it is possible, always install ventilation systems. A ceiling fan and an oven exhaust hood are your best options, keep that at the top of your list.  

Kitchen Renovation Woes with Time Management

A renovation project can be a massive cause of stress. Imagine not being able to wash properly for three weeks or prepare your food in the kitchen. The loss of just one room is a nightmare. So, people often cut corners or rush it through. This is a major mistake. To get a job like this done correctly, it takes time. And plan for the time you must. 50% of renovations take longer than people think they will. Work with your contractor to come up with an accurate timescale.

What a Material World

You must love the design of your kitchen, or it will be a massive disappointment. The functionality, colors and even the materials used need to be perfect. in any design,  I  recommend that you spend a lot of time thinking about the materials you want. From the drawer handles to the cabinet doors, envision what you want before deciding. It also helps to use less expensive options for things like window treatments so you can change them a year later or less!


Wow there is a lot of things that go into a renovation, remodel or new space.Thinking about the space you have to work with will help avoid some of the worst kitchen renovation woes. I know this first hand and it is not “pretty “ when it happens. Layered lighting also won’t work in the kitchen, and you need functional illumination. And don’t forget about all the different materials your kitchen will use. Always do you homework before any project (big or small).  

I want to also say how much I appreciate your ongoing support and readership – you’re not just a reader, but a valued friend on my blogging journey! Your input means the world to me, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below the post.

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