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Struggling to create a space that feels genuinely like yours? Are you looking to Elevate your home styling? 

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Ever wished to turn your home into one that truly reflects who you are? Not from magazines, PINTEREST and design blogs. Those are all fine, but your homes should reflect who you are with your taste and style. With this handy guide, you’ll discover how to infuse your space with warmth and charm, from artwork to cozy touches that all reflect you. Here are some comforting, homey ideas.

Add Something to Fit the Style

It is possible to enhance the overall aesthetic of our home by adding just one thing, believe it or not.  It just that Simple. Thinking about the time our home was built, where it is, and the rooms we use the most, consider what could add a classic touch. This is harder than you think, isn’t it? Our homes have common features, with differences lying in their style and uniqueness. Consider, for instance, a traditional style home with Plantation Shutters on the Windows.  Having plantation shutters installers install them alongside decorative curtains, stylish window blinds, or elegant drapes make for a perfect medley for any style home.  

Artwork Is A Personal Choice

Assorted Artwork Samples

Our home should be a place to escape to, not just exist. Placing our personality into the overall style.  Artwork is a way of achieving that. I recently read an interesting article about artwork, did you know,  the most popular artwork people like in their homes is 62% of people like to hang photographs, and 49%  enjoy landscape paintings and prints. Where you fall is perfectly fine and even if you enjoy both, that is your personal choice. Remember our homes should reflect who we are and what we are about.  For me I love landscape, I feel like it draws you in and I also like photos, see you may be the same and that’s okay.

Mixing It Up A Bit

There are some out there who would rather go blind than see mixed styles. But remember, this isn’t their home. An eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and textures can be a joy to the right person. When it comes to making you feel comfortable in your own home, there are no rules. The authenticity of your personality is just as crucial to the house as its building style. Personal touches are the glue that holds an exciting room together so you can enjoy it as you should.

Check Out the Current Trends

Although following them blindly can lead to an uninspiring outcome, trends can be an excellent guide and an inspiration for finding something that works for you and your home. Keeping up with them and knowing how to use specific styles is hard, though.

Follow the biggest home interior blogs you can find:

Examples could be:

 Style by Emily Henderson: I have been following her for years, she shares beautiful images and doesn’t stop there. She freely will show you how to do everything from measuring your curtains to finding the perfect budget sofa to figuring pillow placement.

Chris Loves Julia: who doesn’t love them? You will find easy and Simple DIY’s plus a plethora of resources and guides.~Subscribe to home and design magazines for expert tips.

Examples could be:

      Elle Décor

      Architectural Digest

      House Beautiful

Day Visits to Unique Homes and Historical Buildings

Falling Waters

Fallingwater” by Architect Frank Lloyd Wright

Check out local buildings for masonry styles and historical insights. I just love Victorian Home Tours, Frank Lloyd Wright Homes (we have several he in PA) just to name a few.
You can also draw inspiration from friends and family that  you admire their style. with a great sense of style. Make it your own design by including your taste.

Pinterest is Your New Best Friend

The web is your best friend for quick and free ideas. Just Googling about design trends offers tons of content to get your creative juices flowing. Sit back with a nice glass of wine or your favorite beverage and browse Pinterest for a few (just kidding) ideas and visualization.  
Pinterest is genuinely the best inspirational platform for genuine ideas and visualization. Remember to clear your schedule before you go pinning! I call it, going down the rabbit hole. I look up and 3-4 hours have passed. You too?

Maintaining Your Houses Style

Authenticity at home comes in two ways. You have personal taste and then the overall style of the structure. The structure cannot be changed much, for the most part. Although, renovations can see to that. But if you want to stay true to the original build style, it helps to maintain it as much as possible. Heritage and antique features are the greatest way to do this. In fact, some are often removed or covered, so it will be worth inspecting your home to restore them. These could be front wrap around porches, gingerbread or even slate roofing.

Accentuate the Charm of Your Home

Just like the build structure style, there are features within homes that can help boost the authenticity. Today, many people renovate homes. Renovations can work to harm the authenticity of your home. When renovating, inspect the home for charming features such as wooden ceiling beams or decorated door frames before you put a sledgehammer to the wall. You may just find a hidden treasure!

Be Creative and Feel Confident


Creativity is the main thing that will get you through when trying to be more authentic with design and style choices. Try not to rush through what you really want, and settling on something because it’s trending will end up in disappointment. Be confident in what you really want, and take your time planning how to see the project through. There will be many decisions to be made, and hurrying just one of them can have a domino  effect on everything else.


When it comes to the authenticity of your home, it’s all about embracing what truly reflects you and your style. Adding authentic artwork can infuse personality and history into your space. Mixing your favorite aesthetics allows for a unique and personalized touch. While checking out current trends can offer inspiration, don’t forget to maintain your house’s style essence. Accentuating the charm authentically ensures a genuine and inviting atmosphere. So, be creative and confident in your choices, making your home truly yours in every way!

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