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Anyone who knows me, you know, I’ve always had this soft spot for farmhouse kitchens. I guess it all started with my brother-in-law, Carl. He’s got this amazing farmhouse, and the kitchen there is just something else. It’s got this cozy vibe that makes you feel instantly at home. Whenever I’m there, I find myself drawn to the simplicity and warmth of it all. Those moments shared in Carl’s kitchen, the laughter, the good food –above all else FAMILY.  They’ve really influenced my love for farmhouse spaces. Now, I’m all about creating that same inviting atmosphere in my own kitchen, where every meal feels like a warm hug and every memory is made to cherish.” 

Where To Begin?

This is the most asked question I get with regard to farmhouse kitchen design. Where to start when creating your own rustic haven? Today, I will be sharing some of the key areas to consider when you are ready to begin your farmhouse kitchen styling. 
The goal is  creating a space that feels like the heart of the home. Every detail can be surprisingly budget-friendly from not just the kitchen sink but even vintage-inspired fixtures and classic decor can transform your kitchen into the very “heart of your home.”

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Come join me as I share my thoughts and ideas for any Farmhouse Kitchen refresh you might be considering today or even in the future. I always say “knowledge is power.”    

1. Foundations First: Flooring That Embodies Farm House

Flooring should resemble the experience you’d typically find in a farmhouse kitchen. Think rich, wooden planks underfoot, perhaps in a warm, honey oak or a distressed, reclaimed wood. Your steps through the kitchen should evoke that cozy, worn-in charm typical of a countryside abode. If hardwood is out of your budget, fear not! You can buy terracotta tile at bargain prices when you shop at the right places. 

2. Appliances That Support Home Cooking Soul

Your appliances are the core of your culinary adventures. Of which I am not a chef just a meat and potato kinda gal! To pull off the farmhouse feel, look for appliances that whisper of yesterdays but boast today’s technology. Think of a retro-style fridge, a classic farmhouse sink, and a timeless range cooker. In terms of color, off-white, cream, or pastel tones perfectly encapsulate the farmhouse aesthetic, blending old-world charm with modern functionality. 

3. The Heart Of The Home: Your Kitchen Table

The kitchen table really becomes the heart of the home, where stories are shared and meals are enjoyed. just like I experience this when our family gets together at my brother-in-law Carl’s.  An inviting farmhouse table should beam hearty warmth and be robust enough to handle the commotion of family life.

Look for a sturdy, wooden table with ample space, complemented by mismatched chairs or a cozy bench to add personality and unexpected delight. Place a lush bowl of fresh produce in the center, and voila, an inviting gathering spot is born! 

4. A Homespun Touch: Delectable Decorations

To pull off the farmhouse kitchen feel, you will need to sprinkle some decor magic into your kitchen! Imagine open shelving, displaying your curated collection of vintage dishes and mason jars brimming with dry ingredients. Incorporate classic farmhouse elements like a clock with Roman numerals, rustic signs, and, perhaps, a barn-style door for your pantry. Don’t forget a smattering of green with potted herbs on the windowsill

5. A Glow Of Warmth: Lighting The Farmhouse Way

Last but definitely not least, spend some time and attention to infuse your space with a warm, welcoming glow. Think pendant lights with a patina finish or a wrought-iron chandelier to elegantly loom above your kitchen table. Under-cabinet lighting can illuminate your workspace while adding a soft gleam to your evening trips into the fridge. Don’t forget to place candles on the table to bring a flicker of nostalgic romance into your evenings. 

When creating your perfect farmhouse kitchen, it is important to remember it’s all about the warm embrace of homeliness, timeless appeal, and a dash of your unique style. Your kitchen should be not only a reflection to the farmhouse charm but also a cozy place where your memories are crafted over hearty meals and laughter and above all else Family!   

Seems I almost forgot what I was starting out with in this post.  I seem to have gotten lost in the world of farmhouse kitchens and sharing my family with you and why I love anything farmhouse….

Let me refocus on the true hero of the space: the farmhouse sink. a piece of history and charm that can transform your kitchen. So, let’s get back to exploring why this sink is the heart and soul of any farmhouse kitchen!

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to forget about certain ideas.  Once I have the idea in my head, I can’t let it go!  In my head, I wanted that farmhouse sink more than any other improvement in my kitchen.  I searched for hours online trying to find the perfect sink. 

Surprisingly, I found a stainless apron front farmhouse sink that I loved.  I knew I had to have it.  It was such a steal for the price and the value!

While I was researching, I discovered more about installation and dimensions needed for the sink.  Here are some of the important features that I looked into before I made my decision on a sink!


Porcelain Apron Front

While searching for the perfect sink, I thought about choosing a porcelain sink, but I had them previously.  They were extremely heavy and they scratch easily, so I decided against them. 

Fire Clay and Copper

Copper Decorative Farmhouse Sink

Fire clay and Copper are among the more expensive sinks you can find and extremely beautiful, yet they were cost you a pretty penny! 

Stainless Steel

Kitchen apron front sink pull down faucet

These Stainless Sinks are like workhorses.  They can get all scratched up, but this ties into the farmhouse theme.  I don’t mind imperfect, because farmhouse is all about that comfortable and well-loved look. 

This is the material I chose because it allowed several different options: a basket, a rack to avoid scratching the bottom, and a roll out drain for drying dishes. 

The only drawback is that these items are intended for flat surfaces and don’t account for a drop in the sink.  If that’s important to you, take note of that!

Bowl Choices


When researching, I leaned more towards double sinks because I have always had them in my kitchens.  It is difficult to put larger items in these double sinks however, so I decided to try out something different.  I researched and found a single bowl that I thought could work.  I am in love with it already!

Double Bowl

Kitchen apron front sink pull down faucet

Double Bowl Kitchen sinks, has its advantages and this disadvantages. I believe it’s personal preference and how small or large your family is.

PRO: Soak dishes in one side while you wash in the other side and Dry clean dishes on one side while you use the other side for washing. 

CON: Neither side of the sink is big enough for soaking or easily washing large dishes like cookie sheets or stock pots and many times the other sink does not get used.  This is valuable counter space. 

Mounting Choices


Porcelain sink farmhouse faucet white

Above Mount Sink always seemed to be more inconvenient than choosing an Under-Mount Sink


Farmhouse sink drainer cutting board etc.

My favorite has always been under-mount, because it makes clean up simple for any counter messes you might produce! I especially love one that has so many extras, as seen in the sink above.

Installation Tips

Size and Dimension

This is the most important aspect of any potential farmhouse sink in your kitchen.  If you’re keeping the cabinet, you have the ensure that you find a sink that fits!  If you are doing a complete renovation, then you don’t have to worry about this.  There are many tutorials to help you along the way with your kitchen renovation! 

Find some  additional “FREE” Apps to help you with a Kitchen Upgrade or Remodel.  See Full Article here.

Ikea – Room planning tools from Ikea, including a kitchen planner.

Kitchen Planner – Online kitchen planner tool that helps you create a 3D model of a kitchen.

Kitchen Layout Drawing


Farmhouse sinks have a wide range of pricing, anywhere from $300 to $1800.  Price is important, but if you want to get quality, you might have to pay more than you expect.  Your sink is the most noticeable feature of your kitchen, so you want it to make a great lasting impression!

Additional Costs



Faucets were important because it depends on what capabilities you want in your sink.  If you want easy clean-up, I recommend a pulldown sprayer like the one I chose.  It is perfect for cleaning the debris off every angle of your sink.

Soap Dispenser

Kitchen faucet soap dispenser

Soap Dispenser are another added feature that you might want to include in your sink!  If you’re like me, you want to find a mounted soap dispenser.  You also might consider a push-button garbage disposal and some other kitchen organization elements for the perfect kitchen set-up. 

Garbage Disposal


Push Button On/Off Switch for Disposal

See the Post HERE. It is quite clever!  

WHEW! We covered a lot of ground in this article. I always say remodeling/Updating is NOT. for “The Weak @ Heart” …. It comes with its challenges, but the end results are always rewarding for you and the whole family. Right? 

What are some of your must-haves in a kitchen sink? Comment below and share what you look for when looking for the “perfect” sink!

I loved writing this because it took me a while to finally pull it all together.  The easy process and the many choices out there when preparing for a Full or Partial Kitchen Remodel. 

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