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With the help of the quarantine, (I know that sounds odd, but it’s not) I have had time to do a thorough examination and inventory of my home. Room by room. It was not a pretty sight, I want to tell you. LOL.

I realize in so many of the rooms, I’m over committed to one style. For some reason, maybe you are the same, when something new comes out, I have two expressions. I might not say this out loud but my room(s) “scream it”.

My expressions are; “I have to have it” and “I have to have all of it.” After that being said, it is overwhelming. Too much for the “human eye” to take in at one time. That leads back to every room having a “focal point”, as I have talked about in previous posts. See how important it is?

Having had this time to actually think, plan and begin the action of transition, I am able to prepare for this daunting task. I have determined to purge first, yes they only way to begin. It is not one of my favorite tasks. After a while it becomes overwhelming. All I want to do is just get rid of everything.

How does that look…..

Piece by piece and object by object are being removed, sold and donated. Using the room at the same time while this process takes place creates a very dim view of the room. I guess this would be called a semi-clean slate. LOL.

So I have come up with a system that works for me, I call it the 3 P’s:


                         Join me …….


Are you staying in the same style or transitioning? If you’re staying in the same style look at what you have that you absolutely love and put it on the list of the things you’re keeping.

If space allows you, separate those from the room and put them in an area marked for what you’re keeping.


Now look at what’s left over. Sleep on that. Give yourself time to view it in a different light, without the other items overpowering it. Now you have a clear view. Watch how easy it become to realize it is merely “stuff”. Remove items that you no longer have a need for or have the same taste for.
Find your inspiration. Create your idea – move forward. Once you’re satisfied with that and have chosen the picture that you’re seeing in your head and now in your room go from dream to reality.


I am always thinking of what I can do to save money. Some ideas I have come up with are:

New vs. Updated

: my inspiration board has a upholstered bed. I really love it but I really can’t afford it. What to do, what to do, what to do?????

I currently have a sleigh bed, BTW I have always wanted one, I can’t make a wood bed into upholstery. LOL. I am truly not that talented. So I will do the next best thing, paint the bed frame with my trusty, go to, best friend; Annie Sloan.

This is a major, it is the key piece as well as the largest piece of furniture in my bedroom. Again, it will be the focal point. All elements around it can only compliment it and not interfere with your eyes view.

I have a beautiful highboy dresser that is painted stark white and I will be keeping it and toning down the color with a creamier softer white Annie Sloan paint. I think I am going to update the hardware with some spray paint in bronze as well. Then it will look “brand spanking  NEW”.

Old White Color Chalk Paint
Dresser Furniture Decor High Boy

Even with this being said, I am still on the Marketplace on Facebook (every area where up you live has the Marketplace check your FB feed) looking for really good finds.  Along with that looking, I am also selling. To me that’s a win-win situation. It’s called creative financing and decorating. LOL.

Creative financing and decorating-I now have my nest egg building towards purchasing what is needed and wanted (whether new or used). Carefully looking at my inspiration picture, I begin the shopping process. I saw your eyes light up, clapping your hands and saying oh boy the best part. WELL, this is where,we in the writing world, we call a- C L I F F H A N G E R . I am not quite ready to share my finds yet but I promise I will.

In a future posts I will be sharing, what I Liked, what I Picked and Why. Oh, yes and “Where I Shop”.

Hoping your travel through my journaling will be giving you inspiration, knowledge and excitement knowing, “you can do this too”!

Until….next time!


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