Organization Bedroom/Closet

The Plan

During the quarantine I thought it would be a good time as any to get started on some home organization. A clean and tidy home is better for mental health, so I’m trying to use this time wisely. I like to organize by starting with my closet followed by the bedroom, so that I can wake up to a cleaner space.


This first step I take in Organizing my Closet Space is to take every single item I own out and neatly place them on my Bed….. yeah right.  It looks like an nice “HOT MESS”.  

Messy Bedroom

I divided the clothes, shoes and other items I have remaining into various Categories: Dresses/Skirts, Tops, Jeans Etc. 

Then I try to visualize where each category should go and start arranging them back into the Closet.

NOTE:  This is also a good time to do a careful and through PURGE.  I know we all dislike getting rid of certain things.  Be Brave…….

If you have trouble with imagining where you want everything to go, you can try drawing it out on a paper.  You don’t have to be an architect just simple and easy will do.

I make the decision based on the space available and how I use it. For instance, if you are a person who loves wearing jeans all the time and hardly ever wears dresses, it makes sense to put the jeans within easy reach so it’s easier to put back as well.

This is a good time to get some organizers to help arrange the items more neatly. Organizers are also useful in conserving space. Consider drawer inserts or a makeup and jewelry organizer or a hanging mesh bag to make the best use of your closet space. You can even attach a peg or hook outside the closet door to hang up your outfits for the next day.

And with that, I’m done. If I find that I don’t like the placement of something,    I rearrange it later till I have a system I’m happy with.



Once I have finished cleaning and organizing the closet, I move on to the bedroom. I have been trying to avoid buying unnecessary furniture pieces, especially for the bedroom, as I want to keep it as a calm and relaxing space. However, that doesn’t mean a completely minimal approach either.

I plan my bedroom organizing around the items I have trouble with generally. A clothes rack helps me avoid piling clothes onto a chair. A new night stand gives me space to put away everything neatly without clutter.

You can even buy or make nightstands with slots for your phones and wires if that’s something you need. I have also decided to utilize the space under my bed for some storage to help me cut down on unnecessary furniture.

The space under the bed is great for putting away anything from luggage to books. I like having them all easily removable to vacuum, so I prefer rolling storage boxes.

When I used to keep my laundry hamper in the bedroom, I felt it was messier.

So now I keep it in the bathroom, and my room is a lot cleaner. I finish off the process by putting up some pictures on the walls to add some decor. Now I can wake up to a well organized and clean bedroom and feel motivated!

I hope this post has lighten your load somewhat as far as ideas. If you have any tidbits that have helped you in your Organization and Purging Process, please leave a Comment, I always love to try new things.

Thanks again for being a part of The City Cottage Family. I love when we can visit together ….

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