How to Arrange Pillows In Your Living Room

Are you wondering how to Easily Style Pillows for your Couch or Chairs?  We get that question a lot. We have just what your looking for, let’s go!

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“Let’s Do A  Little Pillow Talk”!  What about that title, PILLOW TALK!  Well I guess I’m dating myself, it’s from a movie in 1959 with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. Two of my favorite “OLD Time” actors. The Operative Word being OLD.  I have to say for me.. it was a Great Flick. So hence the title. Just a little bit of useless trivia!  LOL.

Sometimes we have an Urge for some Changes? Doesn’t always have to be big changes, just a little change will do ya! Not a lot of cash or time?  Well wait till you see what I have been doing. For an instant makeover, just add a throw pillow (or 2 or 3). Endless possibilities await you. Honestly!

Decor Tips -Throw Pillows

Picking the right throw pillows for any room is as easy as  1–2-3.  You will be a PRO. 

Throw pillows are a quick and easy way to add a Styled Look to any room.  Let’s get started.  



 Combination View Here

Shapes and Sizes

Varying sizes and shapes of your pillows creates visual interest and gives a feel of “comfy”.  Have fun with it and show your personality.  


18” Square Pillow –View Here

24” Square OversizedView Here 

Combinations View Here

Standard Square

These are just the Right Size (about 18”) when neatly placed on Sofa’s with typical dimensions. 

Note: 84” Standard Sofa

Oversized Square

This size creates a more comfy feel. 

Note: If you have a Sofa with a very low back, consider using a 16” pillow.

Now another very important choice is the actual feel of your cushions.  Not too stiff but not too firm.  

Down/Feather Fill


View Here

It does have more give but it does come with a higher price tag.  It is not a good choice for people with allergies. But there are other alternatives that have the same sale and cost less.

Foam /Synthetic Fill


View Here

Just How Many Pillows

Odd Numbers

Like in all decorating we refer to the magic number system.

This would be: 3,5,7 Etc.

So in the case of your pillows you well use an odd number of pillow placement, depending on the size of your furniture and the look you want.

Chairs: (1) Pillow 

Sofa:  3, 5, or even 7. This depends upon the size of the sofa a standard sofa is 84 inches. Anything higher you can use 7.  Remember that you want people to be able to sit on the couch.

NOTE: when not being used consider a place to store them (basket, antique crates etc.)

Couches (3,5,7)
Chairs (1)


When you’re looking at your furniture with your pillows it is almost like looking at a landscape but in this case for calling it a pillowscape . A great pair of solid color pillows, paired with a pattern.  Mixing up the Sizes; Put one long pillow, square pillows or even add odd shape to them to add interest.  You have created the perfect “pillowscape”!


Let’s talk Texture, this is my favorite subject. Tap into your sense of TOUCH—nubby linen against smooth microfiber upholstery as I did on my couch in the previous pictures above.   Try adding warmth and fabric that will stay put on the furniture and not have a  tendency to slide off. That really bugs me….. ugh! 

Be Creative

Step back and take in your whole room. Think of your pillows as all being relative to each other on your sofa, chair or bed.

The pillow on a chair doesn’t have to match the group on the sofa or bed but if it relates in some way—style, color—then the space feels cohesive and polished.
You will have accomplished your goal…..
armed with enough information to go out to that room and get creative….”You Got This”! 

Be a “Pillow Slayer”

Did you know that there’s a fun and effective way to give your pillows a professional and sophisticated look? It’s called the karate chop technique!
All you have to do is gently hit the center of the pillow with the side of your hand, which will create a neat crease and fan out the fibers for a sleek appearance. This trick is perfect for fluffing up flat pillows and making them look more comfortable and supportive. Plus, it’s a quick and easy way to add a touch of elegance to any room. With the karate chop technique, your pillows will be perfectly styled and ready to impress your guests. Give it a try and see the difference it makes!  

We hope that you feel more confident about choosing your “pillowscape”. The keyword there is YOUR. Be creative, be informed and above all have fun.

Please come back and post your pictures in the comments we love when our readers share.  

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