Easy Styling Elements

Creating rooms that you love gets easier when you know the basic elements and tips that add “your” style to a space.
Styling your rooms shouldn’t be daunting or something just for designers to know.
Following these easy elements will definitely take your rooms to the next level. As always, use your own taste and get creative. So join me and let’s get our “Designer” on…..



Texture provides visual weight to the overall look and style of the room. You can add texture with items made linen, cotton or wool as well as wood object such as flooring, mantels or beams. It is about creating visual interest.
For the tactile personality they will incorporate texture that you actually touch, as in the macrame hanging.



The items we see within a vignette that have different shapes and sizes create balance. Mixing in some rounded edges on a flat surface instantly draws the eye to all objects. As you see in the example photo. Round objects on top of a flat table with accompanying items.



When I thing of Metals or Metallic, I think of “Bling” in the home. 
Enhance other decorative elements in the room with metallic. A tray with items like the gold handles, as seen in the photo, creates just enough “bling” as to not take away from the objects around it. on a coffee table or a copper trinket on a bookshelf. I bet if you look around the home you can easily create this vignette and many others. 



Who doesn’t like plants, flowers etc.? Greenery can add life and texture to a room. Flowers, succulents and ferns are excellent additions to a vignette. They can also improve the quality of the air in your home. If you want to explore saving money on dying plants (don’t think you have a “green thumb”) there are other options, faux flowers, plants etc. and they have come a long way to being very “real” like. 



The “Rule of 3” is used in interior design to create interest, rhythm and depth. It helps to think of it as a composition of elements created to draw your attention throughout the room. It would be a gathering of elements created to draw your attention throughout the room. Seeing the same colors, patterns and shapes throughout give the room a look of cohesiveness. Don’t overthink it when placing your items within the vignette. The only rule that is steadfast is the #3, the rest is up to you. What do you like, what do you like to see and where do you want to place your items is generally the most challenging task. 

Note: Easy guide is to use repetition; for example, stack books or magazines rather than having one on its own.

Once you start doing this, on a regular basis, it will become second nature. The bad part about it is, you will constantly be looking for these elements in other places that you may visit. Like, the doctors office,  someone else’s home, restaurants just about every place you go. Something will seem off!  I am not sure that this is a “curse” or a “blessing”. LOL.

Now that you have these Elements at hand, you should feel confident at planning your next room design or redesign.

Inhale Confidence and Exhale Doubt” you got this!

Thanks for joining me and being a part of The City Cottage Family.

Until next time…

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