5 Easy Small Entryway Refresh Tips

Nothing says Welcome more than having some of your favorite decor in your Entryway/Foyer.  
It is the first and the last part of the home that your guest will see.  So it is super important to keep it clutter free and refreshed. Your entryway sets the tone for your whole house and should tie in with the rest of your home decor, if possible. Rule of thumb; “less is best”! It can seem difficult to decorate a space that receives so much traffic.  But it is not..

Myself  I have a tendency to throw everything on the chair with full intentions of putting it away…our intentions are always good, but it’s the follow through.

Also, if your entryway is small it is a bit of challenge to not put too much stuff in it so that it looks and feels cluttered.

Simple Starting Checklist

1. Go through area/room: declutter and tidy. This is a good opportunity to purge
2. Clean and dust.
3. Replace any burned out ceiling and lamp lightbulbs.
4. Pick up and put away: clothes and excess items that may be lurking about.
5. Wash any mirrors in your Entryway.
6. Clean out your front closet (if you are fortunate to have one) and purge!

Styling Foyer Entryway on A Budget

Area Rug or Runner

Like Any room we style the Entryway is no exception. It requires the Foundation. The Anchor. This is where the Rug makes it Grand Entrance. It has so many purposes; to style the room and to keep the entryway and others rooms clean.

Table or Bench

Place either against the wall.(If room allows) 

If your Budget allows a Table you can purchase many $100-$200 Table (depending on features). Another great place to Shop (my Favorite) is your Local FB Marketplace.  If you have never tried it go on and  just check it out. You won’t be sorry….

There are alternatives to a Console Table.

You could add a bench, if room allows. If you are using a bench or even a chair- add beautiful pillows.  (Doesn’t have to be NEW just inexpensive pillow covers).

Table foyer decor
Decor bench


Tip #1 Décor on Table or Bench

Above the Table add a mirror or piece of artwork.

Tip #2 Storage

Get a large decorative basket to hold pillows or throws under your entryway table.

The possibilities are endless. Create a Space you will love….

Styling the Entry Table (Focal Point)

Decor Lamp
  • Lamp
  • Lantern
  • Tall Vase
  • Stacked Books
  • Tray or Dish (catchall for keys etc.)

Note: Be sure bulbs are the right brightness or less bright as needed

NOTE: Add greenery or floral stems this will balance out the height difference of the Décor


When using a shelf, mirror, or picture hanging on the wall above your entryway table keep it at eye level that guests will automatically be drawn to when they walk into your home.

Budget Friendly Art Printable’s are another great alternative to Mirrors or a Picture. 


Be sure to incorporate some personal item that will show your personality. 

Don’t stress- arranging the perfect space can take a little rearranging and trying out various items. Don’t be afraid to take some risks and see how you like a space. It should be fun, personal and cohesive!

Follow these Easy Tips and you’ll be on your way to a functional, clutter free and Pinterest Worthy entryway!

So, let’s start shopping for an entry that you’ll love coming home to.

Thanks again for joining us and being a part of the city cottage family. I love when we can visit.

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Until next time…..

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