Decadent Desserts

These desserts have covered the best of the best; chocolate, peanut butter, caramel, ice cream, snickers, salted peanuts.

Just looking at the pictures makes your mouth water. Imagine what it would do to your tastebuds if they were actually sitting in front of you. We are bringing even a dessert for those of us who are not wanting to go into a sugar coma, LOL.

Sit back, take it all in and we can’t wait to see pictures and stories of what you have made. Remember, “sharing is caring.”  Share these recipes with others and swap stories as well as recipes.

Food Recipe Dessert Cake
Lavender cookies
Food Recipe Dessert Cake Ice cream cake

View all of our recipes here often. These are updated and new continually added to the recipes on a regular basis. 

Thanks again for being a part of The City Cottage family. I love when we can visit together. 💕

Until next time….

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