Chalk Painting Furniture Tips

Do you have a piece of furniture or an item that has seen better days but you just can’t part with it. Sometimes a coat of paint versus purchasing something new is our only alternative. 
You don’t want to part with a piece of furniture, but it is sitting better days. I hear you, my friend I’m here to tell you, you can keep it, give it new life and repurpose it all for just a small amount of money and a little bit of elbow grease.  

Chalk Painted Furniture

I know that first hand, for 10 years I was “mortgage free” and then at the end of 2018 I decided to buy a home. It was quite an adjustment, the house was in very good shape (Built Circa 2003) But…. I don’t think any of us are really 100% loving our house 100% of the time. We go on Pinterest, we see books we follow blogs and “Oh my Goodness” we are crushing over everything we see. I know I’m guilty of that. How about you?

What About this Chalk Painting? 🤔

How to update without it costing me money? That was the question. I sat and I sat and I thought what could I do? …. Oh I know I’ll take a class on chalk painting furniture. I’ll paint furniture. Well now this is a surprise even to me, I one do not like to paint and two I’m not very good at it. I have to admit that in full disclosure.

So, I decided to take a class at our local Annie Sloan Colorist Shop.  Even using the words, Annie Sloan colorist scare the living daylights out of me! You too….?????

In the car, I go, to the Colorists, the shops name is Vintage in Bloom  and during this time they are on FB still instructing and sharing but above all caring…. 

Vintage In Bloom is owned and operated by the two coolest and talented women I know, Adrienne McCaughey and Morgan Baxter Milton. They are our local Annie Sloan Colorist.  
Find your local colorist shop:  CLICK HERE  and maybe they will be offering some of the things I am mentioning below.  

I attended a class called “Bring Your Own Piece-Learning to Chalk Paint with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and was shown Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and Waxes. To Distress or Not. I was a believer and a “groupie”. LOL.

Vintage In Bloom
Not only was I going to learn how to chalk paint, but as you can see
they have  S H O P P I N G
I don’t know about you, but that is my number one pastime. Yours? 

When I arrived, I ran into my friend Candace. Now I wasn’t feeling like a lost sheep you know what they say, misery loves company, 🫣

Vintage In Bloom chalk paint class

I can honestly say to people, if I can do this you can do it also. I was not a lover of painting but I am now. Ask any of my friends… LOL

Another really “Cool Idea” they offered was what they called a  “Bloom Box”.  

During this time of quarantine we have been able to have our own craft projects (monthly) sent right to our doorstep. They have named the monthly crafts “Bloom Box”.

I have ordered 2 so far, waiting to get completed, I think the hardest part is getting started. Having everybody home and doing their own projects (sharing them online) it’s not helping . I see what they’re doing and I just want to do it as well! LOL.

Chalk painted diy

Meanwhile, I have added my China Cabinet and Buffet Server in the mix. I will use my chalk painting furniture, tips.  So as you can see, I have lots of projects and so little time. This is how this piece (China Cabinet) was bought. The first time I ever bought something sight unseen. The pictures were lovely. From a distance the piece has character so I knew I would figure something out.  Have you guessed, yes let’s Chalk Paint….

Sylvan dining room, China cabinet
Sylvan dining room buffet

So with all this talk of painting some of my pieces of furniture, let’s get started. Like everything we need to plan and have instructions. Visit Annie Sloans website and you can learn quickly and easily. I’ve compiled a short list of how easy it is to take a piece of furniture or any item and make it go from “Drab to Fab”

So as promised, I am supplying you with a quick and simple “how to” paint with chalk paint on any surface

How To Chalk Paint Furniture Tips

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®  is sold in pints and quarts and is the original and still most popular chalk paint on the market.

1. Pick your paintable piece and gather supplies.
2. Clean the furniture. (Krud or similar)
3. Use the chip brush to paint your furniture.
4. Lightly sand to create the perfect distressed look.
5. Wipe off the sanding dust.
6. Apply the wax.
7. (Optional) Apply dark wax.
8. Let dry and enjoy your new, old furniture.
9. (Optional) Create a more modern finish with chalk paint. 



Create a more Modern Finish with Chalk Paint

If you aren’t going to distress the piece or let it show its age by having some of the old colors show through, you will want to give the piece at least two complete coats with lots of drying time in between. This is a more modern look for chalk painted furniture. Make sure that you are generous when applying the wax it helps sealing it and will give the piece a nice sheen. 

Before of Master Bath Vanity SYLVAN
Chalk Paint



I hope I have inspired you to start a Chalk Paint project, I can’t stress enough how easy and forgiving Chalk Painting is. I encourage to try your hand at this, “You Got This.”  

When you finally do that project big/small I hope you will share it with us here.  Don’t forget to share your pictures also. I love seeing others creativity. 

Thanks again for being a part of The City Cottage family. I love when we can visit together.

Until next time….

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How to update without it costing you a lot of money. Not only will you learn how to chalk paint furniture but you will have fun doing it come on and join us.

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