Bathroom Refresh: Organizing and Style Refresh

Are you Struggling to balance style with functionality in your bathroom? Let’s tackle that together! In this guide, we’ll show you how to refresh your space with a touch of organization magic. Ready to transform your bathroom into a clutter-free retreat?

White Marble Bathroom for Ideas for Bathroom Refresh

Hey there Friend! Let’s give your bathroom a makeover?

In this guide, I’ll be walking you through easy tips and tricks to update your space. From adding a pop of color to getting organized, we’ve got simple solutions to make your bathroom feel brand new without “breaking the bank”. I’m pretty excited to share these tips and updates, so, let’s dive in and get started!

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Organizing: Embrace the Clutter-Free Approach

I was getting so tired of stepping into my bathroom only to be greeted by clutter and chaos. If this is also you, then it’s time to reclaim your space and transform it into a sanctuary of order and tranquility. Say goodbye to the clutter and hello to a refreshed, organized bathroom that not only looks great but also contributes to a healthier home environment.

Why Declutter You Ask?

Eliminating clutter is more than just tidying up—it’s a crucial step in maintaining cleanliness and ensuring our bathroom remains in tip-top condition. By getting rid of items, we no longer use, you not only free up valuable space but also make it easier to keep everything clean and hygienic.

NOTE: Did you know that storing hygiene products for too long can lead to the accumulation of harmful bacteria? By decluttering regularly, we are safeguarding our family’s health. I am all about that…

I know for me clutter buildup drives me crazy—I know that it contributes to my stress and anxiety, who needs that? Right! I focus on creating a clutter-free bathroom. Believe me that definitely will help with relaxation. It is the room we start our day with and end with so let’s not only get rid of the clutter but let’s make it a easy task.

The last thing I will talk about is, if you’re following the above suggestions the best idea for any bathroom is keeping it clutter free. All of the pretty stuff gets lost! Don’t Let it get lost in the clutter.

Simple Clutter Free Helpers

Clutter Free the easiest way to start is the tops of the counters using the “less is best” concept.

The day-to-day necessities can be put away in drawers, baskets or containers.

One place that comes to mind, is Dollar Tree, they have plenty of containers for storing stuff at affordable prices. Another good source for organizing can be found on Amazon here.  No Excuses. Whether were budget minded or not who does not like dollar tree and Amazon? LOL

white ceramic bathtub near brown wooden cabinet

Advice Secrets: Why Safety Matters in Our Bathroom

As someone who recently transitioned to apartment living, I understand the importance of creating a safe and welcoming space in every corner of your home. It’s not just about aesthetics—it’s about ensuring the well-being of yourself and your loved ones. That’s why I’ve learned to prioritize safety in every aspect of apartment living, especially when it comes to the bathroom. I am still struggling with this, I love a lot of decor items as well as carpets, throw rugs etc.  These have proven to be safety issues for me and my guests.  

In addition to promoting cleanliness and our sanity, decluttering our bathroom is essential for safety, especially in rental properties like mine. We had a speaker here and that spoke of an article that was very interesting.  According to Rhett Wiseman Section 8 Real Estate Guidelines, rental properties undergo regular inspections to ensure they meet safety and reliability standards. By conducting routine maintenance inspections and decluttering your bathroom, you can address safety concerns such as mold risks and ensure a safe living environment for yourself and your tenants. You might be asking yourself, “What does that have to do with me and Why do I need to know that”? Well maybe a friend, family member, someone at church or co-worker may need to know this.  I am the type that has to learn something new everyday.  This was one of those days….  

Where Do I Begin?

If at this point you are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Start by focusing on the tops of your counters, embracing the “less is best” concept. Clear away any unnecessary items and only keep the essentials within easy reach. This simple step can instantly create a sense of spaciousness and order in your bathroom, setting the stage for further organization efforts.

Are You Still Here, My Friend.....

Now, let’s dive into the fun part of our bathroom refresh journey—adding those special touches that turn a functional space into a cozy oasis you’ll love to escape to. Picture this: a fresh coat of paint in your favorite calming hue, complemented by whimsical shower curtains that transport you to a tropical paradise with each shower. And oh, the joy of discovering the perfect decorative accents to add personality and charm to every corner! From fluffy towels in soothing shades to quirky soap dispensers that spark joy, get ready to infuse your bathroom with all the pretty little details that make it uniquely yours.

Bathroom Refresh at The Cottage

When I started out with the bathroom I never imagined what it would look like in the end. It is certainly a metamorphosis. Wow that’s a pretty big word. Anyways, come join me and I will show you all the things involved in making a bathroom refresh simple and beautiful. 



The Inspiration

Today I am bringing some ideas and inspiration to encourage us to update and refresh our bathrooms.

That being said, I will start with the color of the room. The power of paint can easily transform a room. Just that one thing that will breath new life into a room we consider to be utilitarian when in fact it should have equal “room creds”.

Color Changes Everything

Picking the right paint (not just the color) will make the job easier and hassle-free.

Good paint jobs starts with a great primer. So if you are on a budget and you want to get more “bang for your buck” choose a paint and primer combo. In the Bathroom I have used KILZ Paint and Primer and have always been satisfied with the results over time.

Bathroom Color Paint Trends 

Below see the trends in bathroom colors today:

Sherwin William Paint Palette

My Thoughts on the Color Palette...

Anchors Aweigh SW 9179 (I am partial to this color, from my Navy Days). LOL.   Rhinestone SW7656 (What girl doesn’t like these…)

Alabaster SW 7008 (this is a color that has endless design attributes).

Let’s Accessorize

Pops of color (curtains, rugs, towels, the color is permanent and the possibilities for change are staggering). 

Picture this: you step into your bathroom, and it’s like entering a canvas of endless possibilities. With pops of color adorning your curtains, rugs, and towels, it’s a space that will be all about your unique style and personality. These vibrant accents bring life to your bathroom, and with their permanent color, the options for change are endless. Now, let’s talk about shower curtains. They’re not just functional; they’re the statement accessory that ties everything together. 

Introducing Texture …..

First up is Shower Curtain vs. Glass Doors. On the Budget side, there are beautiful shower curtains out there today. Some are works of Art and some are so elegant you’re just have to have it. Glass doors are beautiful but come with a steep price tag.  I will share ways that will make you forget about those glass door…

There is such a wide cpvariety of bathroom items to choose from. You have a variety of Patterns and Styles, that will make for endless possibilities.

Farmhouse Style

I am more partial to neutral colors. That’s why this was the first choice.
What I can see with this Curtain is instantly being greeted by the rustic charm of our farmhouse style. The stand out features is that it is crafted from soft linen with that delightful ruffled hem. A Little bit of whimsy.  Farmhouse style can effortlessly blend with your decor. Bring the warmth and simplicity of farmhouse living into your bathroom with this charming addition.


Who doesn’t come home from staying in a Luxury Hotel and say I want that luxury hotel linen Shower Curtain? In addition to that we want their bedding and come home and try to re-create it, which is what I am in the process of doing. I especially like the linen and it brings while also embracing the touch of Modern.  It’s available in assorted beautiful colors and different lengths, you can customize it to suit your unique taste and space. shower curtain, emphasizing its versatility and customization options. I like that they are elegant but not fussy.


This would have to be my second favorite.
You will definitely transform your space into serene oasis with our stunning watercolor floral shower curtain. It hints of a modern minimalist flair.  Lifelike florals it’s a masterpiece that breathes life into your space with these delicate blooms. It’s as if you’ve hung a work of art in your bathroom.

Boho Minimalist

This is a simple, modern farmhouse, shower curtain with tassels. it’s kind of versatile I can go with several decor, ideas such as, farmhouse, beach, and if you’re just looking for simple. The fabric is quite soft and a higher quality of material so they maintain their shape.


If you would like to retain your fabric shower curtains mold free, it’s best to routinely launder them to stop any mold growing along the lower edges of the curtain. Placing a nylon shower curtain behind is another idea. 

Soft and Luxurious Towels

Recently, I was fortunate enough when traveling and stayed at this fabulous Luxury Apartment.  They had the most amazing towels. Since then, I am told this is something  you will always find in truly luxury apartments is some soft towels, so this is something that you might also like to easily duplicate in your own home.  

As it happens, there are many towels to choose from, and a few things in particular that you will need to consider when doing so.
In the texture family, these  Towel Groupings will look beautiful as Display and Daily use. These all have a hint of Luxury Hotel & Spa Bath Towel Collections.  These are so thick and soft. The fullness is another thing I like about them.  

Modern Threads 6 Piece

Brown towel set TARGET

I like that these have a Modern and Classic Look.  The texture is amazing. inspired by the casual subtleties easy living. A beautiful textured jacquard design with two tone appeal will enhance any bathroom. Soft tonal combinationsantimicrobial protection. These are truly the ultimate in comfort and peace of mind. They keep their quality after every wash.

Luxury Turkish Towels

Just saying the words Turkish linen towels conjures up the image of  luxurious comfort. These are reminiscent of spa quality and add the perfect blend of hotel luxury and home comfort. They  are truly irresistibly soft and highly absorbent. Did I mention, they’re eco-friendly.

Liam Luxury Towels

These are so soft to wrap yourself up in after a luxurious soak…  What I like is that they are crafted  from 100% cotton, and are amazingly soft. Stylish design plus added benefit of antimicrobial protection. These are truly the ultimate in comfort and peace of mind. They keep their quality after every wash.

Shop The Post

Treating Yourself

Turn your bath into a Luxury Spa

I found this easy and simple and quick soaking bath solution. Three simple ingredients, and you’re ready to go. 

Sensual Bath in Rose Petals & More


As we wrap up this journey through the world of bathroom refreshing, I hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to transform your own space into a haven of relaxation and luxury. Remember, it’s the little details like a plush towel, a soothing shower, or a touch of spa-like ambiance that can truly make a difference. So, take your time, get creative, and most importantly, enjoy the process! Here’s to a bathroom that not only reflects your style but also rejuvenates your senses every time you step in. Happy refreshing, and may your bathroom always be a place of comfort and tranquility! 

I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate your ongoing support and readership- thank you my friend for joining me on my blogging journey.

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Thank you for being an important part of the City Cottage Family. 

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