5 Essential Tips: Your Path to Better Health

New Year, New You and Healthier Habits, does this describe you?

If you want to look after your health, you could think you’ll have to put a lot of time and effort into it. While it always seems that way, it could be much easier than you might’ve thought. A few quick health tips can be all it takes to help you.

Staying clean is part of this, but there are a few other options. Not only shouldn’t they take much time to do, but they’ll help you maintain your health more than you’d think. It’s worth diving into five of the more notable of these. You’ll be living a healthy lifestyle before you know it.

Quick Health Tips: 5 Top Picks

Let’s learn how to start a healthy lifestyle and finally stick to it let’s be conscious of the good and not the bad habits.  

1. Don’t Eat Charred/Seared Meats

As we all know, meats are packed full of proteins and can be a vital part of most diets, but that doesn’t mean you can have it any way you can think of. Instead, be smart about what way it’s cooked. If it’s heavily charred, it might not be as healthy as you’d think. The charring leads to more antioxidants in the meat, and these have been linked to cancer development.

Did You Know. . ..

Studies have found that women with breast cancer had a lower survival rate if they consume greater amounts of grilled, barbecued, or smoked meats.

2. Avoid Artificial Trans Fats

Trans fats can be healthy in small doses, but it’s the artificial kinds that you need to be worried about. These have been linked to heart disease and inflammation, which everyone naturally wants to avoid. Thankfully, these shouldn’t be too difficult to avoid, as they’re becoming increasingly banned worldwide. 

3. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

While the food you eat plays a role in your health, how you cook it matters almost as much. The oil you use to cook something is one of the more notable parts of that. Extra virgin olive oil can be one of the healthier options to use, as it’s packed full of healthy ingredients and could help with heart health.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping naturally takes up most of our night, and it’s something you’ll always need to get.  I make sure that I am actually getting enough sleep, which can sometimes be an issue for me. If you find it difficult to get to sleep, develop a relaxing night time routine to help you drift off. You’ll be a lot healthier because of it.

Devices I use use to help me Sleep:

Here are some of the aids to help me sleep, if you struggle with getting enough rest these are worth looking into.

Aromatherapy: The one I use has Remote Control & ultrasonic technology.  Diffuser also has a remote. I also use an assortment of essential oils.  It also can be used as a humidifier.  The best part is it is so quiet. Change colors if you so choose. I have not changed the color yet. I like the look of it just the way it is.

Himalayan Salt Stone:

Some people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) find that salt lamps help boost their mood. Because they can absorb allergens like dust, mold, mildew, and pet dander, salt lamps can help ease the symptoms of respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma. Positive ions are thought to deplete your energy. 

Sound Bath:

I use sound bath when I am getting ready to fall asleep. is several different. Sounds all seem to breakdown your needs for thinking. It breaks your concentration so that you focus just on the sounds.

5. Try CBD

Gummies In Assorted Flavors 


  • Soothes Aches
  • Relieves Tension
  • Improves  Recovery
  • Supports Mobility 


  • Napping
  • Healthy Sleep Cycle
  • Get Better Sleep
  • No Morning Groggy 
  • Promotes Relaxation

Cannabidiol (CBD) has been linked to stress relief, better-looking skin, less joint pain, and other benefits. It can be a great option if you experience a range of issues, and it could even help to prevent them. There are more than a few places you can get this, like 25 Hour Farms. It could help with your health more than you’d think.

Mediatation Rocks

Quick Health Tips: Wrapping Up

Looking after our health shouldn’t have to be as difficult and time-consuming as you could think. Instead, it could be a lot easier, and you might not even have to spend too much time on it. A few quick health tips are more than enough to make sure that’s the case.
By using a few of them, you’ll look after your health more than you’d think without needing to put a lot of effort into it.

From Me To You

 Remember, every step you take towards your goals, no matter how small, brings you closer to success. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and celebrate your achievements along the way. Your journey is uniquely yours, and each day presents a chance to make a positive impact. Keep believing in yourself, stay resilient, and let your enthusiasm guide you. You’ve got this!

I would to take this opportunity to also say how much I appreciate your ongoing support and readership – you’re not just a reader, but a valued friend on my blogging journey! Your input means the world to me, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below the post. 

Thank you for being a part of The City Cottage Family.

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