What’s Trending in 2021

Hope you all are surviving the Shopping and preparing for Christmas.
I thought I would share with y’all what Decor will look like in 2021.  
I needed a little diversion from Christmas decorating, Christmas shopping and Christmas talking. How about you? After all, we only have 11 days before Christmas,


Naval (Navy) Blue Color

A darker blue color will be a 2021 trend. Navy is the “new black” for creating dramatic spaces.
Itwill be used in paint colors, furniture, cabinets and accessories.  

Light Woods

Light come from the Scandinavian inspiration.  This wood  will be a trend material for interiors this coming year.

This wood will not only be used for flooring but also covering walls and ceilings. When we were talking about Wood covering the walls we are not talking about the old days when it was paneling. These woods will be organic and bring lightness to any darker areas of the home.  Will be wonderful in small space. Going back to nature and all natural.

Statement Pieces

Statement pieces are used to elevate the look of any room. Also on trend will be Clean and Clear spaces without a lot of clutter. are becoming

Less is More”. Going back to a Simpler Elegance.

Natural Elements

This trend is based on bringing nature back into our homes. Natural and organic materials will be the main stay to remind us of what is outside and within nature. Wood tones and greens tones will be more prominent. These elements are my favorite, “being one with Nature”.


Fine Line Art

This is an upcoming design trend. It has been used through the millennial generation.

I think overall we are seeing a consistent pattern of Design going back to Simpler, Cleaner and more Organic vibes.  
We are all on a much more hectic and chaotic life journey….maybe it’s time we step back, take a moment and “Breathe “.




This color scheme is ideal for creating more intimate and welcoming rooms.
It also has a very calming affect and again there seems to be a commonality in all the areas.

Rattan, Cane and Wicker

Just look on Pinterest, there has been many DIY incorporating rattan into your rooms. 
I recently purchased Rattan Nightstands (Bed Bath and Beyond) and I have fallen in love with the natural and lightness of the element.  See for yourself.

Stone  (Lamps, Vases and Collectibles) will also be an element that pairs with this style.

Upholstered Bed and Frame

This style covers several of the design elements needed in a good design: Texture, Form and Color.  The trend is more on a Neutral Pallette.

We will be seeing a lot more of these concepts in future bedrooms.

I hope this took your mind off of all the hustle and bustle of preparing for Christmas with its many challenges. 
I must get back to ordering  Gifts, finalizing my updated Christmas decorating and enjoying the day for “whatever is brings.

Have a beautiful week……

Thanks again for being a part of the City Cottage family.

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