The Jekyll and Hyde of Your Cell Phone: A Tale of Two Sides

Technology today has certainly evolved as far as communication goes. Do you not agree…
In a previous life, I worked for the Bell telephone network. Never did, I ever once entertain the notion that we would have phones we could carry around. I don’t believe anybody had that.
I also come from a generation that had party lines, phone booths, and an actual operator.  But today’s technology has far surpassed anything I ever fathomed though, not the younger generation. They are far more advanced.

In my circle of friends, when it comes to cell phones, some can’t get enough of the technology and others are scared to death of it.
Just the other day we had a conversation, over lunch, on cell phones that prompted this post today.

Won’t you join me in a little fun learning experience?
If you’re anything like me, I don’t know it all and I’m always open for learning something new.

Seeing that I’m going down memory lane and dating myself I’m going to continue that theme and use the characters from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the book was written by Robert Lewis Stevenson  and there was also a movie about that very subject. Guess what?  It was only in black and white . Say it isn’t so, LOL. <gasp>

Sit back, grab a warm blanket, and begin the journey with me. You might even want to pop some popcorn.

Before we get started, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Ernestine — “One Ringy Dingy……..Is this the party to whom I am speaking?????”  Boy, how I miss her…..

So, you know how we’ve all got mixed feelings (Good and Bad) about these smartphones—like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?  We’re not alone!
In this post, I will dive into this whole tech thingy. You know, how it’s awesome for keeping in touch but also a bit, well, overwhelming and scary. We’ll let’s chat about handling privacy concerns, finding that balance between online and real-world connections, and even taming the addictive side of our devices. Trust me, it’s a wild ride, but I’ve got some tips to make it less scary. 

Above, I have included several genre’s for your viewing pleasures. 

If Robert Louis Stevenson had access to cell phones, they might have inspired an unforgettable horror tale! After all, aren’t cell phones just modern-day versions of Jekyll and Hyde?

Dr. Jekyll: The Benefactor in Disguise

Let’s meet Dr. Jekyll, the angelic side of our cell phones that exists to serve us. A quick tap or slide gives us access to an endless wealth of knowledge – whether that means knowing what is the  capital of Azerbaijan (I just love saying the word, Azerbaijan, it just rolls off your tongue), or discovering an easy recipe for chocolate souffle – right at our fingertips. Dr. Jekyll acts as our librarian, chef, personal assistant and even alarm clock – it keeps us safe when lost or bored and wakes us up each morning when necessary (though sometimes unexpectedly so!).

Mr. Hyde: An Unseen Threat

But then there is the other side of our pocket companion – Mr. Hyde – which lures us in for hours upon hours of endless scrolling and social media browsing, drawing us further down a rabbit hole of cat videos, celebrity gossip, and confusing debates about dress colors (it was blue and black!). Mr. Hyde becomes our master of distraction; taking away precious time during dinner time or family bedtime routines while cultivating bouts of comparison and sowing the seeds of self-doubt; sneaking up on us by tempting us into digital darkness that feeds on endless scrolling and social media consumption! Oh the horror!

The Unseen Invaders: Hackers

Be wary, as this story takes an even darker turn with the introduction of hackers, or otherwise known as electronic bandits. They take advantage of Mr. Hyde’s influence by preying upon us while lurking in emails and apps waiting to pounce upon any vulnerabilities they detect. With one click they can infiltrate our lives stealing sensitive information, violating privacy, causing chaos of epic proportions; our precious phone can become their tool! The horror knows no bounds! Know the signs your phone is hacked to remain vigilant – fear is truly no stranger!

The Transformation: Our Role

At Dr. Jekyll’s urging, it’s up to us as users to seize control and overcome any hidden Hyde within our devices – we hold the power to transform them from time-wasteful time bombs into time saving tools! At our own peril, it is up to us to manage notifications, resist mindless scrolling, and prioritize real world interactions over digital ones. Strong passwords, regular updates, and exercising skepticism towards suspicious links will go far in protecting us against hackers. Cell phones, like Dr. Jekyll’s tools, are only useful if we know how to use them properly; our use is what determines their effectiveness or otherwise. So let us make Mr. Hyde take his seat while Dr. Jekyll reclaims control of our digital lives – after all, in today’s digital world aren’t we all a little bit Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? 

Let's Welcome the Jekyll and Tame the Hyde

Now is the time for us all to embrace what the phones can offer: learning, connecting, creating and effecting positive change through them. Be grateful for the device it has become in your life: an invaluable repository of knowledge, an enabler of dreams, and an uniter of souls. But remain wary and vigilant against the lurking Hyde. Practice digital wellness to protect privacy while making sure your phone serves YOU instead of vice versa. Remember the power is truly in your hands. So embrace your Jekyll side, control the Hyde side, and use technology as a ally instead of foe – because like Dr. Jekyll we all possess the capacity to overcome our Hydes through notification management. 

Online tidbits-Be ProActive

Last Bit of  tidbits of knowledge.
Recognize and Report Fraud

Slow Down – Scammers rely on urgency to create panic. Be cautious of anything that implies you must act immediately. Take the time to review the message, then review it again.

Don’t Click — Check the Link -if you are able to right click your mouse or hover over the web address, verify that it says who is coming from and it actually is coming from that person or company

Check the Details – Are there spelling or grammar errors? Generic greetings, like “Sir or Madame?” Fraudsters will frequently use small typos to trick you into clicking on the link.

Report It – Report it to the Federal Trade Commission.

Delete and Block It – So you don’t accidentally interact with it later.

If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is – Trust your instincts and exercise caution, as scams often disguise themselves as incredible opportunities.”


“In the end, embracing the digital world means being savvy about scammers and safeguarding our routers. By staying informed and taking a few precautions, we can enjoy the wonders of technology without the worries. Let’s navigate this tech journey together, armed with knowledge and a sprinkle of caution. Stay connected, stay safe, and here’s to enjoying the best of both worlds! 🌟”

If you have any additional tidbits that can help others and I did not covered it here, please leave a comment so that I can update the information here with your additional information. Our readers love to learn.
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