7 Smart Ways To Use A Spare Room

Hey there, friend! So, you’ve got this spare room, and you’re tired of it being just another junk repository, right? I totally get it! There’s something wonderfully liberating about turning that forgotten space into something fantastic and functional. Picture this: you walk into your home, and instead of a door you hurriedly close to hide the chaos, you’re welcomed by a room that radiates warmth and purpose.

Well, you’re in luck, because I’ve got a ton of ideas to share with you! Whether you’re dreaming of a cozy home office, a creative haven, or a guest retreat that your visitors will rave about, I’ve got your back. Let’s transform that room together and make it a place you can’t wait to step into. Ready to dive in?

Is a Spare Room A Luxury?

Having spare rooms at home is a luxury. Whether you managed to buy a house for a good price and have a spare room or your children have moved out, it makes good sense to make good use of them.
Although some people might like to have them as a spare bedroom for guests, it makes sense to use them to your advantage.
Whether your spare room is in your attic and you wish to unlock attic magic or use a spare bedroom to pursue a hobby, here are some smart and simple ways to use your spare room.

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If you lack proper storage throughout the house, it makes perfect sense to use the spare room for storage purposes.
For instance, you might wish to take up hunting. If so, you should consider installing gun safes as this will ensure that if you wish to pursue a hobby like hunting, you will have the right legal setup in your home so that you can keep the gun safe and pursue the hobby legally. I have a handgun and those also require a pistol safe.  Also, you should store it out of the reach of your children as a precaution.

In addition to storage, you must abide by the laws if you wish to pursue such hobbies or for protection, so look up what you need in place before you start the hobby or use it for protection to ensure that what you are doing is legal


Imagine having a dedicated room in your home where the whole family can gather, unwind, and create cherished memories together. That spare room of yours? It’s the perfect canvas for transforming into a cozy family room and relaxation haven. Picture plush sofas and soft throw pillows, a shelf filled with your favorite books, and a corner adorned with board games and puzzles just waiting to be explored. Add in some warm lighting, perhaps a few potted plants for a touch of nature, and voilà – you’ve created a sanctuary where laughter echoes, conversations flow, and everyone can truly be themselves. Whether it’s movie nights with popcorn fights, heartwarming chats by the fireplace, or lazy Sunday afternoons lost in a good book, this room will become the heart of your home, a space where your family bonds and rejuvenates. Trust me, you won’t just be transforming a room; you’ll be creating a haven of joy and togetherness for your loved ones.”
Many people will lack a proper relaxation space at home, somewhere you can go to unwind and de-stress.  


Another way to make the best use of a spare room is to create a gym.
You might be someone who dislikes going to a gym or working out outside. Therefore, why not transform the spare room into a workout haven? You can add some weights and machines, depending on your budget. Then, you can workout and maintain a regular exercise routine from home.
Let me tell you, having a dedicated workout space isn’t just a game-changer; it’s a life-changer! Picture this: no more rushing  to the gym. No more waiting for your favorite machine.  I am a little bit spoiled, since I’ve moved to my new location we have a gym that is available 24/7. In addition to that, we have trainers come in for classes like Yoga, Zumba and Meditation. Who doesn’t love that? Having a workout area  helps you create  a sanctuary of sweat where you and your family can all enjoy staying healthy. More importantly, having fun doing it.   Trust me, your home gym will be more than just a room; it’ll be your happy place, where health and happiness collide!


If you are someone who loves to read like I do,  why not create a library in your home. You can add bookshelves around the room and a dedicated reading chair. Having a spare room to read will allow you to unwind and be transformed to a place  of make believe, history or whatever your Genre of reading is.  Most importantly, it allows you the luxury of switching off when you wish to get lost in a book. 


Home offices are here to stay. Whether you work from home 24/7 or just sometimes. While you may think creating a Workable space means only setting it up so you can find what you need without even thinking about it. It’s not just pretty furniture and other items it begins with tools you need to be productive. 
When you can work away from distractions, it will allow you to maximize your concentration and get more work done. 


 Imagine having your very own dedicated crafting space is a dream of every crafter I know.   With a spare room, you can create the ultimate crafting haven. Think organized shelves, a spacious crafting table, and lots of natural light to illuminate your projects. Add some inspiring decor and a cozy corner for those moments of creative contemplation. It’s not just a room; it’s your personal art studio, a place where your crafty dreams take flight.

Home Theater Room

Whether you love to watch movies or your kids do, it is a great idea to make the spare room a cinema space.
You can install a pull-down screen and or invest in the latest Theater System.  Now is the time to do it.  We have Black Friday coming up shortly, treat the whole family to the enjoyment of the Theater in your own Home.  So pull up a comfy chair and relax, unwind, and feel like the whole family is  in the cinema without paying the price. Paying for a movie subscription will allow you to gain the best experience. 


Well we have been on quite a  journey of transforming your spare room, with many possibilities! From clever storage solutions to your very own relaxation retreat, a home gym that fuels your fitness journey, and a serene library for bookworm delights. Plus, the productivity of a home office, the creativity of a crafting haven, and the cinematic wonders of a home theater. Your spare room isn’t just a space; it’s can be a  haven tailored to your dreams and passions. Embrace the warmth, the relaxation, and the boundless creativity that these smart ideas bring. Here’s to your newfound oasis at home, where every corner reflects your unique story and where endless possibilities reside. Happy room-making!

Well my friends, if you have or are in the process of transforming your extra room into any of the above ideas, post pictures and or tell us all about your adventure in the comment section.  Our readers love to learn and share.

Thanks for visiting us and being a part of The City Cottage Family.  I love when we can Visit.

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