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I am to the thought of “Spring Ahead” time.  I know it is an adjustment for us at first but then you know Spring and Summer are ahead. Yippeee!  I have had plenty of days of Cold & Snow.  Bring on the birds, the flowers and SUN… I am sooooo READY!

That brings me back to reality…Spring Cleaning and Organizing.  

With so many of us working from home, juggling family, work and self……… keeping organized and on track is a monumental task.  Did you notice, self was last? I’m sure for many of us, this is in fact true. Self-care is just as Important as the other areas of our lives. We need to replenish, regenerate and regroup our own selves so that we have enough to give to the other areas. It’s not a bad or good thing to put self last just be sure to add that to your organizing tips that I am providing below.  Be sure to read the entire article because there is a special tip that completes all of your organizing….I think you’re gonna like it! LOL

When you think about organizing, if you are like me, it feels so overwhelming and you don’t even have clue where or how to get started. That’s even harder than the task at hand.

I have an expression; “how do you eat an elephant”?  Reply, “one bite at a time.”  Our To-Do Organizing List” is just that…. “the elephant in the room”



Isn’t this the cutest elephant……. 

Here are a Few Ideas for Getting Started:

  • Write and Re-write your to-do list.  For every item that we mark off a task, it gives us the confidence to move forward onto the next thing. My suggestion is don’t move onto the next thing until you’ve completed the first task.
  • Don’t use all-encompassing phrases for each item (i.e. Living, Bedroom, Kitchen) -make it a specific chore or task. You will be surprised how much you will get done with several smaller items than one  “panoramic” view of the task.
  • Clean out that dreaded “junk drawer”, make out your grocery list, how about that pile of mail just sitting there-Sort and Pitch. I think you see where I am going with this, each “little” thing you do makes that list all the smaller and easier to handle.  “Just Keep Going”
  •  Go through all your magazines and throw older ones away or donate to your hair salon, doctors office or any place that you think could use them.  Just think…that you are recycling and giving others pleasure in reading one of their “favorite” magazine.
  • Keep your list somewhere visible so that you can add or delete items as completed or changed.  

Lists are always so helpful and they make us accountable for what needs to be done. “No Excuses”


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