5 Creative Ways to Use Invisible Plate Hangers in Home Decor

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Here Are Some Creative Ideas

Invisible plate hangers offer a stylish and practical solution for displaying your cherished plates and artwork without the clutter of visible wires or hooks. These discreet hangers blend seamlessly into any home decor, bringing a touch of elegance to every room. In this guide, we’ll explore five creative ways to utilize these versatile tools to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living space. Have you ever wondered how to integrate functionality with style in your decor? From the minimalist appeal at Studio Boudreau to eclectic homes, invisible plate hangers can transform mundane walls into sophisticated galleries. Join us as we uncover innovative strategies to enhance interiors with these unseen wonders.

1. Show Off Your Plate Collection as a Wall Art Display

– Turn Your Plates into Art Gallery Masterpieces

Invisible plate hangers offer the user a special opportunity to turn their collection of plates into a real wall work of art and convert the ordinary into something visibly startling. It declutters the space and becomes a conversation starter, turning the living room, dining area, or hallway into an art gallery.

Planning Your Layout:

Start by selecting plates of varying sizes, shapes, and designs for a contrasted and bold composition. Lay them on the floor or a large table first to play with the different arrangements before hanging them. Think of a symmetrical layout for a more formal room and an asymmetrical design for a casual room. This preliminary step will ensure a balanced and harmonious look.


Make plate templates by tracing the front of the plate on to paper. Then cut out each of your plates. Tape them to your wall as you like. Quick and Easy. 

Selecting a Color Scheme

Plate colors indicate the room’s attitude and feel. Select plates with the same color or tone to achieve a calm, unified look. Choose plates of contrasting colors for your wall paint if you want it loud and energetic. Either way, it will create an effect of contrast or complement with the rest of the decoration. 

Installation Tips:

Plate Hangers

Plate Hangers provided by Amazon

To hang your plates, use invisible plate hangers. These hangers will be strongly adhered to the back but not visible, as if your plates are floating mid-air. Ensure each plate is securely fastened for safety reasons and a neat appearance. All the spacing appears equal, and all the lines are straight; that is very important for a nice final look.

Maintaining Visual Interest:

To keep the plate display exciting and not boring, throw in some odd pieces that may add a texture difference, be larger, or have a unique shape. It may be a decorative charger plate or an old vintage piece you love; these odd plates become the focal point and are noted, creating an interesting wall art display.

Changing Up Your Display:

What is more beautiful about invisible plate hangers is that they give you the leeway to change up your display over time as you acquire new pieces or your tastes in artwork evolve. Unlike traditional shelving, where objects tend to remain static, the setup allows one to easily switch the plates out for a change in décor, seasonally or whenever a change is desired.
Through these steps, you can turn your collection of plates into an impressive gallery wall that uplifts your house’s aesthetic and represents your personal style.

2. Make a Unique Plate Collage

– Craft a Captivating Collage Display

A collage of plates will make a creative piece of art for this unique wall, transforming a boring wall into a dynamo focal point for your home. With invisible plate hangers, you can make your plates appear as if floating on the wall, creating a clean and uncluttered look that accentuates the beauty of each plate.

Pieces Selection:

Begin by picking out plates in different styles, designs, sizes, and colors. Have other pieces that diverge in patterns but have a unifying element like a color scheme or thematic motif. For instance, you may mix floral designs of plates in distinct styles yet with similar shades. This diversity creates interest and keeps the eye moving across your display.

Adding Other Decorative Items:

Add other decorative items, such as small mirrors, framed photos, or unique artifacts, to make your plate collage more visually appealing. Use only as many different items as will serve as accents to enrich the total effect rather than overpower the plates themselves. Place these items mindfully so that together, they add a balance to the plates.

How to Arrange Your Display:

Try different floor layouts before you start hanging your plates. Choose a radial arrangement where plates radiate from one central piece or a more linear or grid-like configuration. Take note of how the room flows and the arrangement will be seen from different angles.

Installation Tips:

Measure the space between each and make sure the hangers are aligned. Invisible hangers are best, so the hardware won’t compete with the art piece. Attach the plates to the wall to ensure each plate is level and can hold its own.

Refreshing Your Collage:

One of the advantages of using invisible hangers is that the display can be easily updated. When you add to your collection or change your mind, this becomes easily operable through plate changes, keeping your collage fresh and interesting.
One of the advantages of using invisible hangers is that the display can be easily updated. This customized approach will improve your decor and allow you to achieve uniqueness in an art installation in your home that depicts your style and aesthetic. 

3. Design a Plate Wall Clock

– Turn Plates into Timeless Decor Pieces

Plate Wall Clocks
Plate Wall Clocks
Plate Wall Clocks

Images Sources: Etsy Shops

Choose the Right Plates

Converting such plates into a chic wall clock has both a functional use and a beautiful artistic nuance for your home. In keeping with the class of this type of design, invisible plate hangers were used, as the plates appear to float on the wall, creating a sophisticated and clean look. 

Arranging the Plates

Lay your plates on the floor in a circle to plan their placement before you hang them. Frequently, the largest plate works at noon, with the smallest around it. It will balance out the clock’s visual weight. Use a tape measure to make sure the distances between plates are equal.

Installing the Clock Mechanism:

The clock mechanism should be placed at the center of your plate circle. You can purchase a simple clock kit from a craft store that includes the hands and movement mechanism. Ensure your mechanism is firmly attached to the wall, and the hands extend long enough to reach the plates you have set to represent the hours.

Final Touches

Once the plates and the clock mechanism are duly fixed inside, you should take a step back and look at your creation from different angles to satisfy yourself with visual alignment and effect. You should also ensure the clock mechanism works correctly and the time is set properly.
Following those steps, you will make a working timepiece and a conversation piece that fuses the practical with the artistic, adding class to any room with a sprinkle of creativity and old-time charm.

4. Add Plates to Floating Shelves

– Incorporate Plates into Functional Shelves

You can mix the plates with your decorations on the floating shelves. It’s a chic way of adding functionality and aesthetic eloquence to the living spaces. It is a way to feature your treasured dishware as part of your daily décor, taking something so often hidden away and making it part of your home’s personality.

Plate Selections:

To select plates for your floating shelves, you must align with the room color scheme and, most importantly, the theme. Select plates that blend with the existing decoration scheme or display it remarkably. In addition, plates with an intense design or vivid color may become feature points, whereas subtle and monochromatic plates may help create a minimalistic look.

Setting Up The Plates

Invisible plate hangers are the way to go for this type of arrangement, as they ensure that the plates are secure on the wall but maintain the illusion of being lightly rested on the shelves. Be sure that each plate is firmly mounted and will not slip or tilt. Layer the plates with other pieces like books, vases, and plants to achieve a rich, layered look.

Arranging Your Display

Experiment with different arrangements—perhaps grouping similar items or placing a larger, statement-making plate at the center of a shelf. Think about the visual weight and balance of your shelves. Heavier items should be placed at the bottom to anchor the arrangement, while lighter, smaller items can be placed higher up.

Maintaining Harmony:

Space items consistently have enough space to keep the whole thing from feeling busy but with a rhythm or flow to how they are all laid out. It might mean aligning plates in a straight line or arranging them in a staggered pattern to create movement.
Incorporating plates into your floating shelves maximizes vertical space and allows you to enjoy your beautiful dishware as part of your daily living environment. This method provides a practical yet aesthetically pleasing solution that showcases your style and enhances your home decor.

5. Customize Your Plate Backsplash

– Make Your Kitchen Unique with a Plate Backsplash

A plate backsplash is an innovative way to incorporate flair and art into your kitchen. This method uses decorative plates that appeal to the eye, reflect one’s taste, and supplement the existing decor.

Choose the Right Plates

Start by getting plates that match the color scheme and the rest of the kitchen theme. Whether you choose plates with vibrant patterns, antique finishes, or modern designs, ensure they resonate with the ambiance you want to create. When selecting kitchen plates, one must consider factors like size, shape, and color stability of kitchen elements.

Designing the Layout

Plan the arrangement of your plates on a flat surface or the floor before fixing them to the wall. Make uniform grids with a clean and modern look or a staggered mosaic style for an eclectic feel. It is quite an important pre-planning phase as it clarifies the general visual outcome and assures that the final product is appealing and cohesive.

Installation Process:

Fix each plate on the wall with invisible plate hangers. They are wonderful because they do not distract attention from the plate’s beauty. It also ensures that the plates appear attached to the backsplash. Spread waterproof adhesive or sealant around each plate. This is done to protect the plates from moisture and splatter while cooking. It will, in turn, make your backsplash long-lasting and easy to clean.

Enhancing Durability and Functionality:

Every kitchen is supposed to be functional for most of the usual activities. Ensure that the sealant to be settled for is waterproof and heat—and humidity-resistant, which is common in most kitchens. Your plate backsplash will look new and fresh for years with regular maintenance, like wiping to avoid stains and checking the adhesive.
A plate backsplash adds to a kitchen’s personalized aesthetic; hence, you create a functional art installation that will handle the demands of kitchen use. Such an exclusive feature can transform an ordinary kitchen into a delight representing your style and culinary arena.


Incorporating invisible plate hangers into your home decor unlocks a world of creativity and personal expression. These versatile tools are perfect for showcasing cherished collections or adding a unique touch to any room. With invisible plate hangers, the possibilities are truly limitless. Embrace the opportunity to experiment with different designs and configurations, and you’ll find the ideal way to elevate the aesthetics of your living space. Don’t hesitate to transform your home into a personalized art gallery where every wall tells a story. Start today and see how invisible plate hangers can revolutionize your decor. Discover the endless potential and make your home reflect your unique style.

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