Tax Prep Time “Simple Must-Do’s”

“Oh Happy Days”.  Tax prep time is here! (OH NO 🤪 Ugh.) As a Owner of a Home Based Business(s)it is a real “pain”.  If you also have a business you and I understand each other and how complicated tax time can be. Trying to keep all those papers documents etc. in an orderly fashion, yeah right!

I think it’s a good thing that tax preparation time comes during the winter, it’s snowing out the wind is blowing and snow is drifting. Not much else you can do, so I’ll grab a cuppa coffee and do a little bit of organizing and filing. Come and join me…. 

Organization is KEY, but things seem to happen all year and all that organization goes out the window. I know it does  for me and then the stress levels go up. Boring! But once it’s done it’s so gratifying, don’t you think? So it’s back to Organization 101, what could I do better and what do I need to get rid of that is keeping me from being organized. First of all Supplies (Office, Desk, Filing) are a MUST!

Great Drawer Organizers

MDesign Desk Organizer Plastic Clear

You can View The Above HERE


To work on organizing my receipts for tax time, I make a trip to get supplies needed– to accomplish the task at hand.

Free Printable Supplies List

For your, desktop, and Josh drawers check list of supplies

I Set up a filing system (in a used file cabinet from Marketplace- it was a still for $20). For the to day Business stuff, so that I can be mobile (Office/Couch/Chair) 🤣,  I started using the “coolest” mobile filing cabinet.

 It is a: HOME DISTRICT Chic File Folder Organizer

Black Brief Caddy Office Folder Portfolio
Red Brief Caddy Office Folder Portfolio
Leather File carrier

You can View The Above HERE

When you have to ORGANIZE why not do it in STYLE. This Tote sorts your documents easily.  

Yes, I use it all the time when I go from room to room or if I’m going to an appointment. It comes in handy I always get asked about it and compliments.

Easy to set up and big enough for daily, weekly and Monthly files and filing.  It was not too expensive either.  


Try to keep Records for each Expense as soon as possible. I find that I set aside a short period of time late in Afternoon to file all my receipts. This entails me running around looking for them as well.  [belly laugh]

Digital Organizing

I do keep a Excel spreadsheet and eventually will probably use software program like QUICKEN Quick Books.

Quicken Online

You can View The Above HERE

I always feel that keeping organized and a filing system etc. has to be a system that you are comfortable with. That is not to say that the first time you try it it is a successful system.
The object is to try, find something you’re comfortable with and to be DILIGENT.   

When you begin to organize and get a plan in action, also, don’t look at what you did not accomplish. Look at what you did. One step at a time.

You’ve “GOT THIS, My Friend. 

I hope this post has helped to lighten your load somewhat as far as ideas;  Organization  and Taxes are concerned.  those two are definitely a “Deadly Combination”. LOL

Thanks again for being a part of The City Cottage Family. I love when we can visit together ….

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