New Year, New You: 5 Simple Lifestyle Changes For 2024

Are You Looking For Additional and Meaningful Lifestyle Changes?

Hey, friend! Can you believe it’s that time of year again? You know me—I’m all about embracing the new year with open arms! I love setting intentions and making those little lifestyle tweaks that add that extra sparkle to life. This year, I’m diving into 2024 with a bunch of ideas to shake things up a bit. It’s all about those “new year, new you” vibes, right? So, let me spill the beans on five awesome lifestyle changes I’m thinking of trying out. Who knows? They might just make this year the best one yet! What about you? Got any exciting resolutions or changes in mind?
No one can predict how the future is going to be, however, you can confidently make a change in your life that you won’t regret making. From making lists of everything you want to change to reading bible verses about starting a New Year there are many ways you can decide what you would like to change in the New Year.   I am looking forward to my new daily devotional for 2024, I have chosen, He Whispers Your Name 365  Devotions For Women” by the Author, Cherie Hill.

Now let’s have a look at some of the things you may want to add to your list: 

Learning New Skills

It is only ever going to be a good thing when you take the time to learn something new. It will help to boost your confidence, bring back some creativity into your life, as well as possibly find a new hobby or skill. Think back to when you last took the time to learn something new, when did you give yourself the time to flourish and make something of your spare time? Too often people stop learning when they finish education, however, it can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding to continue learning.  I no for me and my blog and business. I am in a learning mode every day every week. I have a motto: “If I don’t learn something new every day it’s not a good day”.
Think about your hopes, dreams, and interests. It might be that you are interested in changing your career, or it could be that you would like to find a new hobby. Just think about what you would like to learn and focus on it. 

Learn A New Skill: Home Improvement

Home Improvement and/or DIY Projects are high on my list. How About You? This could include tutorials on painting techniques, furniture restoration, or even basic carpentry. styles and techniques change from year to year these skills can enhance your living space, contribute to a more organized and comfortable home environment.  I am always on the hunt for that and always excited about sharing my finds with you.

How To Set Up Learning Space In Your Home

Balancing Skill Development in our Home can sometimes be quite challenging, I get that from many of our readers.  Given the importance of learning new skills, suggests setting up a dedicated learning or hobby space within the home. If you can’t give a dedicated room then carve out a space specifically with lots  of organizing tools (storage, supplies, calendar and you can decorate this area to foster creativity and productivity with wall quotes, maps, or even pictures of places you would like to travel to.  Most importantly is to incorporate a workable space conducive to skill development and is a comfortable workspace.

Explore and Travel More

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I believe travel, refreshes her soul, and you learn so much about culture, lifestyles, and people. For me, it doesn’t get any better than that! 
Although travel hasn’t been as easy the last few years, this year you should try to get out and explore some more of the world. You will broaden your mind and horizons by exploring so it definitely something to add to your list. You may not have the resources, time, or finances to see everything all at once, but even traveling locally can do the same. When was the last time you took the time to explore what your local area has to offer? Why not give it a go?  We have a little theater right next-door, (Little Lakes Theatre) to where I live, local actors, and very good Plays. It is an expensive ($19 a ticket) and they have refreshments both alcoholic and nonalcoholic as well as snacks cheese tray etc. It is a nice night out with friends or family. 
Try aiming to explore somewhere new each season, it could be anywhere, even your local park that you haven’t been to in years or a local attraction that you always forget about when looking for something to do with the kids. Of course, if you have the budget for it, you can also plan a holiday away to explore some of the world.  A good resource for planning a holiday vacation is to invest in “National Geographic Guide to US Scenic Highways and ByWays”.

Make Time for Family and Friends

It can be very easy to let life get in the way when it comes to family and friends. After all, they are the most understanding people in your life and will love you no matter what. This means that you need to make sure you make time for them in your life. When you are busy with work, family, and your home in general, you will soon start to realize you haven’t spent as much time as you should have with the people who care for you. 
You can learn that new DIY or craft project together as a family.  Setting up an area in your Learning Space to display Art Works, craft projects that the whole family participated in.  Another idea is, to display a craft project from the family on a handmade shelf.  The possibilities are endless.


As we all prepare for the New Year let’s embrace the possibilities that lie ahead. Whether it’s honing a new skill, transforming our homes with DIY projects, or creating a dedicated learning corner, let’s strive for growth and enrichment. 
Let’s explore the world, gather cherished moments with loved ones, and infuse our lives with the beauty of new experiences. Here’s to a year filled with learning, travel, and treasured moments spent with family and friends. Cheers to you My Friend, to making each day a new adventures and cherished connections!

There you have five good ideas to add to your list for a happier new year. Do you think anything else should be included? Please share a few ideas in the comments section. 

I want to take this time to also say how much I appreciate your ongoing support and readership – you’re not just a reader, but a valued friend on my blogging journey! Your input means the world to me, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below the post. 

Thank you for being a part of The City Cottage Family.


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