Manage Glaring Sunlight: Home Solutions

Ever feel dazzled by abundant sunlight at home? Say What? Ready for some solutions? Let’s Go…. 

“Nothing beats the feeling of opening your blinds to let the Sunlight in every morning”

Have you heard the expression, “Too Much of Anything Can Be A Good Thing”?   But that is not the case. In all instances. Most often, interior designers are concerned with maximizing, the natural light of the property, for obvious reasons. There is an expression among Real Estate Agents. coming from a family of Real Estate Agents, we want the Home characterized by deliciously light, bright rooms.
The sun is a better and more appealing light source than any artificial light bulb, no matter how stylish. The soft glow of the sunlight at a certain angle can  help a home feel more open and airy and connected to our outdoor surroundings.

Problems With Overly Sunny Rooms

Heat : Amidst its charm, an excess of sunshine resembles a cozy blanket on a scorching day—appealing at first but uncomfortably stifling. The reason? Excessive sunlight overheats your home, leading to soaring air-conditioning expenses in the end.

Light: Are you an Early Bird type or a Night Owl? Early to bed folks don’t seem to be stressed about being woken up by streaming morning light.  Are You A Night Owl: are you trying desperately to make the room as dark as possible. I am the latter. I have to have the room pitch black at night and filtered in the morning. What are you? Early bird or a night owl? 

Glare: Sun and glare go together and create a haze. If you’re using any type of electronic equipment in a room, be it a: television, iPad, iPhone, computer. I know, “no kidding Captain Obvious?” 

Distortion: when painting a room, vibrant or fluorescent colors will tend to look all wrong – the sun does store to them, and make them seem too harsh. Even like can give a feeling of too much since it reflects and intensifies the ambient light. Making the space look sterile. Before painting a room in that color I would recommend using a SAMPLIZE Peel and Stick Paint Sample and they will even deliver overnight.



Painting, cool colors such as soft, blues, greens, or grays will tone down the brightness of a room. In this case, you would coat the walls with matte or textured paint. Use your favorite bold use with restraint, for the trim of the interior of built and bookcases for example, that way you’ll spice up the color scheme without going overboard.

Fading: Too much light will fade most decorating fabrics, which contain any natural fibers, like cotton, linen, silk or wool. That includes your furniture, upholstery, anti-Persian, rugs, wall, hangings, etc..

That being said, sometimes houses are completely unimpeded by the glare of the sun, and in hot climates this can be a little much. Moreover, harsh sunlight can be clinical in scope, which might lead a room to feel completely exposed and lacking in style. Sometimes, UV rays can be dangerous, and you shouldn’t have to wear sunscreen to occupy space in your home each day, especially those who manage skin conditions.

So, is there a way of tastefully managing natural light in your property without dispelling it entirely, akin to a cave? Yes, there are many. Let’s explore some of those techniques below:

How To Tame Your Too Sunny Room (s)

Window Tinting

Window tint/film are for more than just cars, they can work for households too. In fact, window tint for houses is designed to look clean, in-line with your overall visual profile, and in no way garish. They can also help dispel some of the UV penetration into your household, so your house is illuminated but not in a clinical or overly harsh manner.  
In some respects, the tint effect can be so subtle that most people wouldn’t identify it. This is especially true from the exterior, where the sunlight will help the window look conventional. In addition, tinted windows can add a sense of privacy, which may be desirable in rooms like a downstairs bathroom.

Pros for Solar Film/Tint

  • You can lower your energy, bills and sunny, warm climates
  • Solar panels protect furniture, and furnishings from DMH due to constant UV exposure. In addition to that fading floors, carpets, furniture.
  • Protect your skin from UV rays
  • Can be used for security purposes
  • Eliminates Glare on TVs and it any other devices

Note: Most window films/tint are eligible for tax deductible

Invest in Adjustable Blinds or Shades

Of course, the Earth turns on its axis, which means that the sunlight won’t be emanating from the same related spot all day long. This means that you may have intense sun exposure during the morning on a summers’ day, but a tolerable glow in the afternoon and evening.In these cases, you might decide to invest in simple adjustable blinds or shades. That may just provide the exact cover you need, and at the right times. If you invest in smart curtain rails you can even program a home assistant to open and close muslin curtains at certain time, allowing you to completely automate this entire process and enjoy a beautiful lit room at all hours of the day.  Alternatively, blinds can be easily opened and closed while allowing for further privacy when you need it.

Install Exterior Awnings or Plant Trees

Montego Bay, Jamaica – Tara Guerard Soiree
Photography – Round Hill Resort Wedding

Planting trees is a fantastic first step to take, and exterior awnings can provide a similar effect too. If neither is appropriate, then you might consider the use of exterior hedges. This won’t block off all sunlight into the property of course, and that’s not the goal. But when the sun is highest in the sky, or when it raises between the houses opposite yours, you might dispel the blinding light from shining in your eyes while you’re trying to relax. Moreover, the natural spotted sunlight flowing through the tree leaves can add a magical effect to the lighting in your home. Better yet, tree leaves tend to die off in the winter, automatically letting in more sunlight during the darker months when sunlight hours are a precious resource. In other words, you’ll achieve the best of both worlds.


Sometimes, even a brighter room is tolerable, and perhaps even a nice variance from other rooms that may suffer from poorer light access, or other structures blocking out the sunlight outside. For this reason, you might be happy to allow the harsher light in.
It’s important to mediate this effect by orienting the room so the light doesn’t shine into anyone’s eyes or cause discomfort. That might mean alternating your front living room to prevent direct exposure while sitting in front of your television, nor causing too much exposure on the screen. In addition, be careful where you place mirrors, because while they can help a room feel larger and brighter, in this case that might not be such a pressing issue.

With this advice, you’re certain to manage an overabundance of natural light into your household. As we can see, sometimes managing too much of a good thing can help you enjoy it correctly, and with moderation. The sun is essential for life, but that doesn’t mean it’s always invited into our households

Did You Know….

Excessive light can disrupt sleep patterns and can contribute to anxiety and stress.

In addition to filming your windows:


It can be an expensive proposition to rely on air-conditioning systems alone to cool, extremely sunny rooms. Augment your AC and save money by installing your ceiling fan to blow the chill around.

Well you are well on your way to making an educated decision and being Happy with it.  Not to mention “COOLER”.

I would like to take this time to also say how much I appreciate your ongoing support and readership – you’re not just a reader, but a valued friend on my blogging journey! Your input means the world to me, so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below the post. Thank you for being a part of The City Cottage Family.

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