From Dream to Reality: Planning your Perfect Vacation and Picking the Perfect Outfit’s

I can’t believe REALLY  Memorial Day is just a week away.  I hope your plans include a lot of eating, drinking and spending time with friends and family. That is on my list first thing.  

I am now in high gear planning vacations. Looking forward to getting away. Went into the closet and had to look around twice, for sure. Surely I am not in my closet. There are no clothes in here. LOL.

Well, I guess I’ll have no choice but to sit down and make a plan of action buying traveling clothing, etc.

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay-fashionable escapes

When I think of vacationing, I have just a small list of things I would like:

  • White sandy beaches
  • An infinity pool
  • Drinking Mai Tai’s at the Bar
  • A day at the Spa
  • Fabulous Dining

Places I Have Visited

  • Punta Cana 
  • Cancun
  • Jamaica
  • Bermuda

My favorite was Bermuda and second to that would be Cancun.

Where is your favorite destination? Post a comment and we can all share.

Getting Back to that List

I think it’s so much fun to shop for vacation, outfits, and accessories. It kind of is the first step to really knowing that you’re going to go somewhere and see different scenery. It really doesn’t matter where they’re at beaches,  mountains or a backyard. It’s the lasting memories, even without 1000 pictures it’s always in your mind and heart.

My Quick Picks

Boy after I picked these out, I had to step back for a minute to take it all in and realized these are “smoking hot”.  I quickly made this collage  taking my first choices. What do you think?

But there is so much more to add to it that I need and I’ll share that as well. If you’re planning a vacation now, or in the future, they should be some really good starting points. Budget Friendly is my Motto and apparently smoking Hot…😎

Memorial Day Remembrance

Memorial Day marks a time to Remember and Honor— the military, who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.  

           “Home of the Free because of the Brave”- Unknown

Memorial Day -This Day is observed to Honor the Men and Women who have died while serving in the Military. Particular those who died in battle.

Many people visit cemeteries and memorials on Memorial Day to honor and mourn those who died while serving in the U.S. military. Many volunteers place an American flag on graves of military personnel in national cemeteries

Flags Military Veterans Memorial

Enjoy this Memorial with Family and Friends. There will be lots of eating, enjoying the beautiful outdoors and being thankful for the Day.

I hope this post inspired you today.

Thanks again for joining us and being a part of  The City Cottage Family. I love when we can visit.

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