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Watermelon Sangria

Olive Garden Copycat


  • 3 Cups Moscato Wine
  • 6 Oz Ginger Ale
  • 6 Oz Watermelon Syruo
  • 3/4 Cup Strawberries
  • 1 Orange
  • Watermelon Sliced or cubed


  • Instructions:
    Run Water over the fruit slices. Get your Large Pitcher or Punch Bowl put in the Moscato. Add the watermelon syrup and Ginger Ale and gently stir.
    Add ice cubes into the Pitcher//Bowl and then gently stir.
    Place the fruit slices.If desired, serve the cocktail with slices of watermelon.


This recipe is most ideal to recreate when fresh watermelon is in season, because while you don’t need to squeeze fresh watermelon syrup, you may want to add fresh slices of watermelon – along with fresh orange and strawberry slices as served at Olive Garden.
You  can use whatever Moscato of your choice. As well as the  watermelon syrup and the Ginger Ale. The watermelon syrup and Ginger Ale will mute the wine's flavors.
Summer is great when enjoying the cold sangria. It is very refreshing.
Thanks for sharing this information about the Olive Garden watermelon sangria recipe!. This is a great option for those who want to serve the drink to guests who are under 21 or during baby showers.
Non Alcoholic: is also easy to modify the recipe above to be non-alcoholic beverage, if you want to serve it for crowds younger than 21 or during baby showers. Simply don’t use the Moscato.