Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals for Summer

Are you looking for quick and easy options for summertime meals?    Here are 7 Quick and Easy Meals For Spring/Summer that are sure to please the whole family, especially the COOK…

When you’re looking for a weeknight dinner everyone will love (that won’t take you too long to make), there’s nothing better than a weeknight fiesta.

You can pull together these south-of-the-border flavors fast, and spend more time enjoying them. Here are some fiesta-worthy dishes and drinks to try out!

7 Weeknight EASY Fiesta Meal Recipes

Let’s Get this Fiesta Started….

Skirt Steak Fajitas


Need to feed 4–6 people fast. This is delicious and Quick Recipe that they will be asking for MORE…

Rush Hour Chicken Fajitas

Rush Hour Faijuta

Does meal prep usually feel like a marathon, this easy chicken fajita recipe will seriously help you out. 15 Minutes is all you need…

Grilled Loaded Nachos


Whether you serve this incredible nacho stack as a snack or a meal, it will soon become a family favorite. Customize it with your favorite toppings and sauces for something totally unique.

Slow Cooker Carnitas


Carnitas is a Mexican dish of spicy pulled pork that is fabulous on tacos and a great recipe to make in your slow cooker. Can be made with either chicken or beef.

Burrito Cups


Bring everyone to the table with easy to customize burrito cups. Fun for 1 or the Whole Family.

Grilled Steak & Asparagus Rosemary Garlic Butter

Food plate

Wow your family and guests with charred asparagus, juicy steak, and a dash of rosemary garlic butter. YUM!

Blackened Fish Taco

Fish Taco

Seasoned tilapia served atop a bed of crispy slaw and wrapped in tortillas for a light family supper. You can substitute tilapia for salmon or shrimp even scallops.


I hope these tips and menus help you prepare this weeks Meal with ease!
I also hope you will join us weekly for Tips, Tricks and Ideas to KEEP your Home Beautiful and Functional.

Have Weeknight Dinner Ideas helped you when it comes to trying to decide what’s for dinner? What’s your favorite recipe? I want to know how you use Weeknight Meal Plans to help you meal plan. Share below!

Happy cooking!

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7 Easy weeknights Fiesta

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