Painting a Room -Time, Tools and Tips

Are you getting Ready to Paint, maybe for the first time or even you have done it before but just weren’t sure you did the right things? Todays post  you will learn how to paint a room. Easy to follow steps.

With the right tools, paint and preparation your room will be transformed before your very eyes.

People Panting

Kicking off any painting project starts with the right paint, tools and accessories.  I have put together a quick checklist along with places to purchase the items either in the store or online.  I have broken it down into a manageable list and some useful Tips. 

Now comes the FUN Part .. SHOPPING.

NOTE: Gather the right DIY supplies all at once and save time when you’re ready to start!

Let’s Go Shopping

Shopping Checklist

  1. Paint (Ok, Captain Obvious 🙄)
  2. Tray
  3. Assorted Brushes
  4. Rollers
  5. Roller handles
  6. Paint Pail
  7. Frog tape
  8. Elastic bands
  9. Saran Wrap
  10. Spackle


This value set will save you trips and money compared to buying at big box store. Everything all in one place, that’s what I like. 

Portable size: holds a convenient amount of paint for working on trim or other small jobs. Magnetic brush holder: magnets built into the pail’s handle can hold a brush when not in use


Two lids are included in this set for multiple paint cans.


This helps so you can pour your paint only when you decide. 

Wall Mending Agent Cream Drywall Repair Kit -Spackle Wall Repair

Pro Painter’s Tape (1. 88 inch x 60 yard roll)

21 day interior clean release, or up to 7 days if paint is in direct sunlight

Medium adhesion for use on cured painted walls, wood trim, glass and metal

Something Pretty


Completely covers old, outdated outlets and switches
Saves time and money includes screw(s) in matching finish.

Contemporary look with smooth finish for easy cleaning.

Tip & Tricks

Elastic Band Paint Brush Scraper

Wipe a paint-loaded brush along the rubber band. Excess paint will land in the can rather than in the lip. Your paint will last longer. 

Saran Wrap Brush/Roller Keeper

For breaks or an extended period of Time

Wrapping your rollers or brushes in saran or plastic storage bags keeps them from drying out.

NOTE: This can be a little messy so you may want to wear gloves.

Paint Smell & Essential Oil

Kill odors with vanilla or essential oils.

1  tsp.  per gallon of paint or one 15-milliliter bottle for a 5-gallon bucket. 

Revive Hardened PAINT BRUSHES

Clean Brush with Fabric Softener

If you forget to clean your brushes or you stepped away too long from your painting

Just combine 2 tablespoons of fabric softener with warm water, and then soak your brushes in the mixture overnight, Wheeler says. A good scrub the next day should make your brushes as good as new.

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