ORGANIZING: Spice Drawer

Do you need to get your Spices Organized and All in One Place but you don’t know where to Begin! You can find the How to Organize Your Spice Drawer the Solution to that problem plus so much More.

Given that many homes I have lived in and the lack of organization and quality space in some mainly due inefficient kitchen drawer space, I have learned to be creative.

I am truly thankful for my current Kitchen drawers even when I moved in but OH NOW… after the Kitchen remodel, I couldn’t be more pleased. I am like a child with a new toy….. I want everyone to see it.  Are you a tad bit like this….then we have a lot in common.  We should be proud of our efforts and be willing to share our accomplishments with others so that they too can have beauty, organization and no stress…

I added cabinets, shelves and drawers.  Now all was needed was organization at a minimal cost and effort.   I found the best solution and could not wait to share with y’all…!

When I was planning the Kitchen Remodel I knew it was going to require looking at all space being used and how could I get maximum utilization of all drawers, counters and even wall space.  This was the Challenge that was before me, I really had fun doing it and it was relative simple and cost effective.   

organizing spices kitchen Amazon

When I began to organize the spice drawer it made me accountable for what I actually use and helped with the purging. 

There are so many different ideas and tools to choose from, this is the one I chose and I don’t regret it.

It seems no matter what we do it somehow involves Purging  and more PURGING.

If I could only keep up with it…. it would make life so much easier.  

Is there such a thing as being really Organized? I don’t think that is even remotely possible.

Kitchen Spice Drawer Amazon
Kitchen Spice Organizing Amazon

Once I got started I have to admit it was fun and so rewarding after it was all done.

It is so much easier to know exactly where the spice is and putting it in Alphabetical Order is the best way to find what you are looking for “at a Glance”.

Kitchen Organizing Spices Amazon

Another item that always was in my messy spice drawer was assorted Knives.  I know, yes it was dangerous and very reckless on my part.  After this job was done, I really saw what a “procrastinator” I was.  It was not “very pretty”.  

So what am I going to show you?  After you see how easy, inexpensive and very professional your kitchen, counters etc. look….you will be doing the same thing.  

Kitchen Knife Organizing
Kitchen Organizing Knives

EASY TO CUT AND INSTALL magnetic knife strips. Sticky bar magnet side does not leave any marks. Adhesive on one side, flexible magnet on the other – sticks great to plastic, metal, concrete, tiles, etc. Can be used as magnet tool holder, tool rack, wall knife holder, tool organizer, kitchen utensil holder, tool rack, knives bar, holder block, magnetic garage tool, magnetic screw holder and tool stand for Garage Storage and Kitchen Organizer

I hope this was helpful and encouraging for your Spice Drawer Dilemma.  

If you do try any of the above organizing or your way was a little easier, please pop back over and leave a comment.  I love to hear from you.

Until next time……

I hope this post has lighten your load somewhat as far as ideas. Thanks again for being a part of The City Cottage Family. I love when we can visit together ….

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