Simple Homemade Lemon Body Scrub

There is nothing like the smell of fresh lemons. It seems to have an awakening affect .

So it stands to reason that it will do wonders when added to a few ingredients to make a delicious smelling Easy Lemon Body Scrub.

Within 10 minutes you will be putting together a simple recipe and well on your way to getting your Skin Ready for spring or summer. Let’s get started! 


Facial Scrubs

What are the Benefits ?

The number one benefit of using lemon is that it is a great source of vitamin C.  It acts as a lightening agents which helps in the areas of the body that may be prone discoloration and/or age spots.

The sugar acts as exfoliation which will help in these areas of the Body:

  • Elbows
  • Feet
  • Knees
  • Hands

Results:  Giving the Body Natural Nutrients and having your skin feel AMAZING.

Best Part:  It is inexpensive and simple to make.

Best Lemon Body Scub

Maintaining healthy skin can be simple or it can be time intensive… let’s make it SIMPLE!  The most important thing to treat your skin with kindness.

Easy to make and the smell is Refreshing. Not to mention, the feel of skin afterwards. Ahh!!! 

  • 1 c Burts bath and body oil (Lemon)

  • 2 c Epsom Salt


  1. Body Oil with the Epsom Salt

  2. Package in Jars

  3. Add Decorative Label

To purchase items needed:

Burt’s Bath and Body Oil 
Epsom Salt
Jars with lid and labels 

Remember: “Pampering ourselves is not Selfish

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