Choosing the Best Doormats

I don’t know about you but SPRING brings air of freshness, no pun intended.

This door color is my favorite and therefore I am sharing that as well as a Whole Lot More….  “Come on In”…   

Although this is not a new trend, it is still very popular. What I am referring to is Layering of your outside doormat with a rug below it. Our entryway is the first thing people see when they come to Visit.

This idea of Layering the Doormat is a fast, easy, and affordable way to update our entryway and it is an can easily be changed out depending on the season or a holiday. 

Below is a picture of my, pretty worn out, layered rug. It was when I was all farmhouse and everything was buffalo check This year there are lots of New Changes happening at The City Cottage so Buffalo Check is definitely out.

How does my image compare to the one above from Studio McGee? 🙄 LOL 





Stay tuned for next week when  I’ll be sharing which layering doormat combo that I chose for the Spring Entryway but for this Week I thought I would share a few of the Pinterest + inspiration ideas with you! I have included the Shoppable links as well.

There are tons of ways to style layered doormats.  Or, because it’s the start of Spring, you could add in some fun colors, patterns or even florals .

Here are a few things to consider when searching for  your layered doormats for Spring/Summer. 

Easy How To Guide

The process is: 

  • Outdoor Rug 
  • 2’x3’ Flat Weave Rug
  • Door Mat of  Your Choice 


For me, as you can see I chose a rug that extended further on each side.  This rug is a  2′ x 4′.

If you can’t find the one that you like in that size, a  2‘ x 3‘ rug can work as well.

Be happy with your choice!

Remember: Should be for OUTDOOR Use. 

Outdoor Rug

Have fun with your doormat, let your Personality Shine! 

Coir Outdoor Rugs


Outdoor Rug
Outdoor Rug
Outdoor Rug

There are so many cute doormats to choose from these days. Target and Walmart are my favorite stores to shop for budget-friendly rugs & doormats.
There are so many cute and clever sayings on them. It’s hard to choose. But if you can’t find one that has the wording you want it to say an alternative would be if you are DIYer or want to try your hand at being a DIYer this is a pretty simple project.
You could order a stencil off of Etsy there are lots of them over there or have one made with your saying. For Easy Instructions /Tutorial look on Pinterest or YouTube there will be a “boatload” of tutorials.

We would love to have you share your samples of what you chose for your space. Leave us a comment and a picture. Be proud of your work.

Thanks again for joining us and being a part of The City Cottage family. I love when we can visit.

Please don’t  forget to Visit us over at:  Pinterest.  Share us with someone you know.“Sharing is Caring”

Until next time…..

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