Best Decor and Lighting Tips

Tired of sitting in the dark? Well I am here to “Shed some Light” on that very problem. Here are some quick tips on Room Decor and Lighting.

I can’t get enough lighting. I don’t know what it is but I can’t get enough light in a room…it just make me feel  much happier and content. Even in the winter when it is so dreary “the more light the better” is my motto. How about You?

You have beautiful decor you’ve spent a lot of time decorating and re-decorating why then would you not want to Spotlight each of your rooms?
Take a minute now and see how many lights you have in your room right now…..

Types of Lighting

This is your general lighting as is the main source of lighting in a room but should never be the only source of lighting in your space. In addition to that is natural light.

New Laundry Sylvan
DR Angle Sylvan

This is light that will illuminates a small, specific area. Examples: reading, cooking or even putting on our makeup.



This type of lighting is less about brightness and more about setting a mood and adding style.

Use all of the above ideas for all of your room designs and lighting. 
Capturing your taste in all areas and mixing it up a little till you get just the right degree of light in any given room is what it is all about.

Equally as important are the light bulbs being used in any given room or fixture. 

To learn more about the different types of bulbs and how to chose them, read:  Lighting The Way

Be sure to watch for our “Where to Shop Roundup of Great Finds” from my Home as well as many different sources on the internet.

I hope you found these tips helpful and it has give you useful information to know that “You Can Do This”.

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