Beat the Heat: 7 Affordable Home Upgrades

Are you Searching for ways to “Stay Cool” this Summer in your home on those Balmy Nights?  There are many ways to do that without breaking the Bank.  

Staying Cool Ideas

As we enjoy the comfort of air-conditioning and other modern conveniences, it’s important to acknowledge our blessings. While we cool off in our homes or take a dip in our pools, many in our communities may not have access to Let’s also remember the specific needs of our elderly loved ones, children, and beloved pets during these hot months. Ensuring their comfort and safety is a priority as we consider home upgrades.  


Dog in front of fan

Whether it’s creating a cooler environment for grandparents, ensuring kids stay comfortable while playing indoors, or providing a cool retreat for our furry friends, these upgrades can enhance the well-being of everyone in our homes.these comforts. It’s a reminder of how fortunate we are and an opportunity to consider how we can make a difference for those less fortunate. Let’s explore ways to enhance our homes with upgrades that not only increase comfort but also make a positive impact in our communities.

If your home is getting too hot in the summer, it could be time to consider some permanent home improvements. I have compiled, a simple and affordable list of ways to keep your home cooler during any heatwave.

Ceiling Fans

If your home doesn’t already have ceiling fans, this could be the first upgrade to consider. Fans help to create a cooling breeze and cost a lot less to run than air conditioning. You can buy ceiling fans in various styles ranging from classic wooden fans to modern plastic and metal fans. The average installation cost per fan is about $250 (including the cost of the fan itself). 

In modern home decor, fan lights have become an ideal choice for many households due to their dual function of lighting and ventilation. So sit back, relax, and let’s discover the wonders of this modern-day cooling solution. Socket fans with light are gaining popularity for their easy installation and mobility. You can use them simply by plugging them into an electrical outlet, without the need for professional tools or electrician services. With diverse designs, they can match various decor styles. When choosing a socket fan with light, you should consider the room size, installation conditions, usage needs, and decor style. Thanks to their simple installation process and versatility, this type of fan has become a popular choice for many homeowners. In this article, I will dive into the world of screw-in socket ceiling fans and explore their features, benefits, and how they can improve your home’s comfort and style.

Window Tinting

Living in Arizona. This is a staple of life. For your home and for your vehicle. Temperature is rising to 104° running your air conditioner if you are lucky enough to have one becomes costly. Using window tinting for both home and vehicles is a simple and inexpensive solution.

Whether you are in Phoenix AZ of Pittsburgh Pa  you may need alternatives to keeping your home and/or office space cool.  You can  invest in residential window tinting to keep your home cool in high temperature days and nights.   Tinting can also provide privacy while still allowing a view out of your window. There are different methods of tinting to explore. 

Flooring Considerations

Choosing the right floor can definitely be a challenge.  Especially budget wise. So many choices and sometimes so little time.  Try to take your time and carefully choose your flooring to enjoy now, but also reap the benefit if and when you sell your home,

Floor the 5 th wall

While carpets are recommended in places with cooler climates for providing insulation, hard floors are a better option in hotter climates.

The Top Choices are:

  • Tile
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring
  • Waterproof Engineered Hardwood

Choosing hardwood and porcelain tiles are known to stay cooler longer. Natural stone is particularly effective at staying cool, however it is the costliest flooring solution. 

Cooling the Roof

You have to get a Cooling Roof”. My reply: Say what, what the heck is that. I actually thought they were kidding, but unfortunately, they were not. In all things you can go the cheap way or pay for what you get. I chose the better roofing material.  To revisit my time living in Arizona, this was all new to me, and I learned a lot about it, especially if you are trying to conserve energy and stay within your budget.

Cool roofs are designed to reflect sunlight, which in turn can reduce the amount of heat absorbed into your home. These roofs typically have a white-colored silicone coating. This can be added to an existing roof, or incorporated into a new roof. Cool roofing can cost a lot of money to install, but it is a worthy investment – you could reduce air conditioning costs by as much as 40% by switching from a regular roof to a cool roof. 

Whole House Fan System

These are commonly used for venting into a your attic and are designed to circulate air in an entire home. There are several types to consider, if this is the route you are choosing.  

1.    Ceiling-mounted: Mounted in the ceiling between the attic and living space.

2.    Ducted: Remotely mounted away from the ceiling, typically hung from the rafters; can exhaust heat from multiple locations; operation is extremely quiet.

3.    Window-mountedMounted in a window frame. Can also take cool air in from outside.

4.    Rooftop-mounted: Suitable for homes with no attic.

I have had Whole House Fans in all of my homes as well as in my current apartment home. They can help to remove hot stuffy air from your home. Especially in your bathroom. While they are most commonly installed in bathrooms and kitchens, you can also install them in other rooms to help circulate air. Installing an room/whole house fan can cost anywhere from $150 to $550 depending on the location

Plantation Shutters

My first visit down south to Savannah, Georgia, was like opening up a book that I had read about what the South looked like. It did not disappoint. The architecture, the style of properties and let’s not forget the Spanish Moss and Magnolias. There is just something about that way of life. I wish that I had grown up then. My favorite growing up and now Movie was/is, “Gone With The Wind”. Well, now onto plantation shutters. 

Installing shutters on windows can have many benefits including improving security, blocking out light at night and insulating your home in the winter. Shutters can also help to keep your home cool in the summer by blocking out light. The price of installing shutters can vary depending on the size of your windows. 

New Air Conditioning or Upgrade

What it all “boils” down to is Air conditioning is the most effective way to cool down your home. However, many homes have air conditioning systems that are old, underpowered or not very energy-efficient. Air conditioning systems can be kept in good working order by servicing them and cleaning them regularly, however after 15 years they can start to experience a lot of wear and tear – this is usually when a replacement is necessary. Older air conditioning units are also typically less economical, requiring more power to cool your home than newer versions – replacing your current unit could reduce your bills. Upgrading your air conditioning systems could also be recommended if you’ve recently made major additions to your home, as the current system may not be powerful enough to cool your whole home.
The other Takeaway from this would be energy, efficiency, tax rebates, and sometimes companies will offer a rebate. These are things to consider when researching for air conditioning. Do your due diligence and collect all of the facts that you will need.  Budget is always your first “priority”.  


As we wrap up our exploration of these cooling home upgrades, let’s take a moment to appreciate the comfort they bring into our lives. From ceiling fans and window tinting to efficient air conditioning systems, each upgrade not only enhances our home’s appeal but also contributes to our daily comfort and well-being. Whether you’re considering a simple change like upgrading your flooring or investing in a whole-house fan system, each decision can make a significant difference in how we experience our homes during the warmer months.

Remember, these upgrades aren’t just about keeping cool—they’re about creating a space where everyone, from grandparents to pets, can feel comfortable and cared for. By being mindful of our blessings and the needs of those around us, we can transform our homes into havens of comfort and gratitude. Let’s continue to explore and implement these upgrades with a sense of appreciation for the small comforts that make a big difference in our lives.

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